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Floating food


Comfort food is hearty when hearts are heavy. They are gravitational and emotional equilibrium food that reassure us that we will survive.Cooking, or food levitation, is a form of magic that takes advantage of our desire for delicious food. In traditional cooking, magicians use a fork, knife, or spoon to perform mind-boggling tricks. In Levitation Photography, we end the ground contact of the material and show it in the air as if an idea is going on in the mind and it has turned into reality. In levitation, the ground contact of an object is broken and that object is visible in the air.

Floating in air : A heavenly breakfast.

Morning light is a refreshing one, which does an important job in making our minds sharp and bright. And to calm the turmoil like levitation happening in the stomach, only good food proves to be necessary. Fresh and soft lighting creates a relaxing and calming atmosphere, just like a delicious meal calms your stomach with hunger. The morning starts with a calm atmosphere and good morning food brings such energy to you which keeps your whole morning fresh.

Soaring : Life is a combination of magic & food.

The background is Bistre which is labelled as very dark yellow. This colour is associated with a sense of self-esteem, food, restaurants and affordability. The props being used here are(Gold Crest, Milk Chocolate(described as an orange}, Vivid Auburn, and Milk chocolate (described as a dark grey) colour to create the feel of analogous colour which depicts natural warmth, encouragement, longevity, simplicity and grace.

Cuisine : Happiness depends on a good breakfast.

The lots of food images that we come across are based on the flat lay idea which means it is placed out flat on a surface. But nowadays we use levitation food photography to add a touch of magic to it and make the food items float in the air for drawing more attention. Hence the name floating food.

Smooth Sliding : Morning meal helps to slide through the day.

It can be difficult to comprehend the levitation of food and objects, but it is a true phenomenon. It seems that as soon as you put your mind to it, objects will rise off the table. The best part about this phenomenon is that it is completely natural. The mind simply has the ability to manipulate energy and objects levitate. This is a skill that everyone can learn and master. These tricks can range from simple to complex; However, most use their brains to create an imaginary image of themselves. This is all done using telekinesis in combination with concentration and focus.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Deepak verma, New Delhi, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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