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Foggy Fields


Take in the enchanting attraction of Kerala’s “Foggy Fields”, capturing paradise in radiant sunlit fields and charming mountain huts.

Experience a visual journey of Kerala’s mist-covered tea plant landscapes with “Foggy Fields.” Every picture perfectly conveys the dreamy beauty of tea plantations of Kerala covered in morning mist. A white cottage tucked away in the hillsides and radial patterns in cultivation these images capture the peaceful elegance of misted fields. Come along as we examine the natural flow and haze that characterizes Kerala’s breathtaking landscape.

Sunlit radiance of the vagamon hills

Sunlit Radiance Radial harmony in cultivation.

In this scenic landscape of Kerala a radiant morning bathes the tea plantations in warm sunlight. Arranged in a circular pattern, the bushes and trees create a harmonious view As the fog lifts, the foggy field of the green-covered mountain in the background emerges.

Tea paradise beauty unveiled

Tea Paradise Peak living, tea plantation.

This image captures the beauty of a landscape image from Kerala that unveils the tea plant foggy fields. A charming small house sits atop one of the mountains accessible by a winding path. Another mountain highlights the huge tea estates and with the morning mist turning the fields into a foggy refuge.

Tea house in the middle of tea plantation

Tea House  White house in tea paradise.

This landscape image showcases a white house surrounded by tea plantations in the hills of Kerala. The house’s neighboring curved road provides a charming element that blends in with the greenery around it. The several paths through the tea plantation, leading to the center white house, create a calm ambiance.

Mountain huts on the tea plant mountains

Mountain Huts  Huts surrounded by lushness.

This beautiful landscape photo shows two huts in the middle of tea plants on a green hill. Some trees and a towering mountain round off the gorgeous view. This delightful picture of tea-planted hills and mountains peaceful feel. due to the wide range of plants surrounding the huts.

Enchanting foggy fields in the tea planted hills of Kerala, the radiant morning illuminates tea plantations in a harmonious dance of sunlight. From the peak of life in a tea paradise to the white house amidst plantations, each image unveils the serene beauty of Kerala’s landscape. These photographs of the mountains of kerala capture the essence of foggy refuge, presenting a  symphony of nature’s wonders in every frame.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Adarsh N S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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