Fondness by Pranav B


Celebrating cherished connections and beloved moments through captivating photography that evokes the essence of fondness.

Fondness is a positive feeling or affectionate attitude towards someone or something. It is a warm and gentle sentiment that goes beyond mere liking and involves a deeper emotional connection. When you have fondness for someone or something, you hold them dear and feel a sense of tenderness, care, and attachment. Fondness often arises from positive experiences, shared moments, and meaningful interactions. It can be cultivated through spending time together, getting to know someone’s qualities and quirks, and developing a sense of familiarity and comfort. Fondness is often associated with pleasant memories and a sense of nostalgia.

In my photography portfolio “Fondness”, I intend to portray the general fondness that manifests in various ways. It can be expressed through kind gestures, acts of thoughtfulness, and genuine interest in someone’s well-being. It may involve feelings of protectiveness, admiration, and an inclination to support and encourage the person or thing you’re fond of. Moreover it is not limited to age, gender, or time. People get fond of places, and objects with or without reasons. It brings you joy, or a cherished possession with sentimental value.

It’s important to note that fondness is subjective and can vary from person to person. What one person finds endearing or lovable may not resonate with someone else. Fondness is deeply personal and influenced by individual experiences, values, and preferences. Overall, fondness enriches our lives by fostering connections and creating a sense of emotional well-being. It adds a layer of warmth, care, and positivity to our relationships and experiences, making them more meaningful and fulfilling.

“Fondness”, is a collection of all those images of the very general liked and admired subjects. Capturing the subjects that people love to see in the frames is an interesting experience. At the same time, photography of products, food, places, etc… that usually we all are fond of is challenging too. The chapters covered in this book will surely make one and all think about the facts that you are or were once really fond of. 

  1. Relationship
  2. Elegance
  3. Situation
  4. Expression
  5. Edible
  6. Distribution
  7. Charm
  8. Wedlock

“Fondness” portrays the deep human connections through heartfelt images, capturing the essence of affection and cherished memories that endure.

From the sparkle in a child’s eyes to the weathered pages of a well-loved book, “Fondness” captures the spectrum of adoration that colours our existence. Each photograph not only freezes a fleeting moment but etches into it the warmth of sentiments that transcend time. The pages have been graced by the fondness we hold for people, places, objects—reminders that our hearts know no limits in cultivating these tender connections.

This collection is an invitation to pause and reflect on the delicate intricacies of affection that define the human experience. It is a celebration of how fondness intertwines with the tapestry of life, interweaving relationships with hues of joy, care, and nostalgia. These images, carefully curated and thoughtfully presented, stir memories and evoke smiles, reminding us of the beautiful mosaic of emotions that forms the foundation of our existence.

“Fondness” is not just a portfolio but a mirror held up to the spectrum of emotions that we hold dear. It invites you to peer into its pages and see, beyond the pixels, the essence of what it means to be human—to love, to care, to cherish. As we close this chapter, may you carry with you the realisation that fondness is not just a fleeting emotion, but a cornerstone of a life richly lived.

All the Designs and text in this post are copyright of Pranav Bineesh, Alappuzha, Kerala, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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