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FOOD Photography

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Thanks to all media for their support especially to the media correspondents for the coverage they had given to Creative Hut. A view through the media coverage for Creative Hut, faculties and students covered in different leading newspapers, magazines, etc…

At the same time, it is the opportunity that helps to shape the upcoming generation and lead the photography aspirants towards their professional life. Here we follow unique way of teaching that enables students to lead a valued life filled with dedication, commitment and pleasant presence of mind.

stories-written-with-light-abhishek-dhupar-punjab-102 (1)
Red Fantasy:Creamy,crunchy and fruity
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-95 (1)
Munch the Cookies : They are baked with love
Alan Jose,Idukki
innovative food photography ideas
Snacks time : It's time to eat snacks
Anshul Sani,Himachal Pradesh
tasty-sandwich-food-photography-ajayakumar s a
Vegetable Sandwich :Sandwich for the vegetarians out there
Ajayakumar S.A , Pathanamthitta
virtuous-flair--alan-jose-idukki-kerala-98 (1)
Bite Off: More than you can chew
Alan Jose,Idukki
unique creative food photography
Pacman : Pacman is an old and classsic game for the 90's kids
Anshul Sani,Himachal Pradesh
best fine art food photography amanjohnthomas
Orange Butterfly V/S Banana tree : Fruit art for foodie kids
Aman John Thomas,Pathanamth
exploding-bites-food-photography-ajayakumar s a
Exploding Bites : An explosion of buttery goods in our mouth
Ajayakumar S.A, Pathanamthitta
stories-written-with-light-abhishek-dhupar-punjab-100 (1)
Tasty table top : Cakes,cookies and cherries
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
artistic - frames - aman john thomas - pathanamthitta - kerala (67 of 76) (1)
Climbing the hill: A food art made up with noodles for kids
Aman John Thomas,Pathanamthitta

creative food photography
Tic-Tac-Toe : This game has been around for over 3000 years
Anshul Sani,Himachal Pradesh
buttery-cupcake-food-photography-ajayakumar s a
Buttery Cupcake: Butter is a common ingredient of cupcake
Ajayakumar S A,Pathanamthitta
focus-the-frame-arjun-a-raj-chengannur-kerala-60 (1)
King of burgers : A burger can make anyone lick his lips
Arjun A Raj,Chengannur
stories-written-with-light-abhishek-dhupar-punjab-107 (1)
Sweet and healthy : Some desserts are healthy too
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
stories-written-with-light-abhishek-dhupar-punjab-101 (1)
Baked with love:Red velvet cookies and cup cake
Abhishek Dhupar,Punjab
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