Football | Set Always Your Goals


Sports day celebration is one another activity organized for students at Creative Hut. Football is the most loved sport for both of our male and female students. With green ground and greenery all around, the atmosphere gets more pleasant during the football practices and matches.

Football is a game that reminds us to set our goals in life too.  As it is always said that ” Winners are not those who don’t ever make mistakes. Because such persons never attempt for new challenges, never set goals, and never ever try. In fact, winners are those who make fewer mistakes and learn from their mistakes. They are who practice more and make prepared for making fewer mistakes. They even have dedication towards their goals and work hard to achieve the same.”

The sports day practices are the days where students make time to come together and work out for the big day.  Here, a single mistake and a slight mismatch can ruin the game itself. Students here learn to work in teams. Coordination and leadership are the two important factors in football too.

Here, winner is not any individual player. Indeed the winner is the team. Thus team spirit is in high peak during the practice sessions itself.


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