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Forest Flyers


“Explore the attraction of cute bird photos with Forest Flyers: a mixture of distinct bird species images. Discover the beauties of nature”

Experience the breathtaking scenery of Thekkady on a magical journey with ‘Forest Flyers.’ This photographic journey reveals the captivating beauty of uncommon bird residents while capturing the spirit of rare bird species.

White bellied treepie Magical bird, a masterpiece in black and white.

Explore the world of unparalleled bird photography, where each frame tells a story of Thekkadys rich biodiversity.Visit Forest Flyers for a magical journey as our experts show the hidden gems of Thekkady’s verdant landscapes and varied ecosystems. In Thekkady s secluded beauty, a charming bird perches on a tree branch, a picturesque blend of white and black. The calm surroundings highlight the beauty of nature and heighten the attraction of this unusual bird. 

Plain flowerpecker Tiny marvels perched, a moment of pure cuteness

  The Plain Flowerpecker, a charming and petite bird with olive-brown upperparts, pale lores, and a slender dark bill, captivates with its cuteness.

Malabar trogon Colourful trogon surveys surroundings from lofty branche.

In the picturesque Thekkady Bird Sanctuary, these tiny birds perch on small branches, creating perfect opportunities for adorable bird photography. Capture the charm of unique bird wonders with remote bird photography in Thekkady. 

Philippine fairy luebird Birds Flash reveals stunning red-eyed beauty.

Uncover the enchanting world of fairy bluebirds their elusive canopy presence revealed through unique pictures capturing captivating bird on branch shots that bring these feathered wonders to life.

Asian Magpie Elegant black and white beauty.

Explore unique bird species in attractive black and white photography. Capture their beauty in natural perch positions for stunning and distinctive images.

Taiwan thrush Perched gracefully with vibrant colours.

Discover Thekkady’s unique bird species with the help of forest bird photography. Capture unique moments with vibrant colours showcasing the beauty of these mysterious creatures.Forest Flyers not only takes rare bird species photography but also works as a testament to Thekkady s ecological wonders. Discover interact and become fully submerged in the fascinating world of bird marvels.Explore Thekkady s ecological wonders with Forest Flyers capturing rare bird species in stunning photography. 

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Asiya Sulthana S, Kollam, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners. 

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