Photojournalism is a type of journalism in which photos are used to tell a story. It normally refers to still photos, although it can also apply to video used in news broadcasts.

The price of hunger : Hunger is clearly visible in those eyes.
Fake laughter : The girl’s face was covered in a mask of laughter, hiding the poison inside.

Photojournalism is separated from other closely related fields of photography (such as documentary, social documentary, war, street, and celebrity photography) by a stringent ethical framework that mandates an honest but impartial approach that conveys a story in purely journalistic terms.

Face of innocence : When he didn’t get what he was hoping for, his expression changed.
Happiness : The child who is content with one rupee

Photojournalists assist communities interact with one another and contribute to the news media. They must be well-informed and knowledgeable, and they must be able to communicate news in a unique and engaging manner.

Faith : Mutual hope is exchanged.
Brave woman : The key to success is confidence.

using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses to bring out the personality of a person or group of people A portrait photo can be both artistic and clinical. Portraits are frequently commissioned for special occasions like weddings, school festivities, or business purposes. Portraits can be used for a variety of purposes, from personal web sites to commercial lobby displays.

Seeking employment : Woman perusing job openings in a store
Courage : A woman who manages to turn her pain into a little smile

The comparatively low cost of the daguerreotype in the mid-nineteenth century, combined with the subject’s shortened sitting time (albeit still much longer than it is now), led to a general increase in the popularity of portrait photography over painted portraiture.

Loneliness : I could see the loneliness in those pitying eyes.
The anticipation : Even though she knows she won’t return, she’s waiting for someone.

The early works’ style mirrored the technical limitations of long exposure times as well as the painting aesthetic of the time.

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