The bride takes the front stage in the chapter “Frame,” reflecting a rainbow of hues in each outfit she wears. Each image is evidence of the huge effect the hue has on the bride’s brightness, as the bride’s attractive beauty blends perfectly with the hues that surround her.

Charming Bride:- Feeling more gorgeous on wearing a traditional red half sari

The bride defies tradition by using strong, colour as well as lovely soft colours inspiring excitement and happiness.

The elegant:- Sometimes words can’t express the magnificent and graceful looks

The bride’s elegance is highlighted in this last chapter by the expert use of light and shadow, which also captures her grace and originality.

Inky cyan:- On dressed in a cyan saree, the bride evokes in deep serenity

Each image captures just a moment in which the innate beauty of the bride and the photographer’s vision perfectly combine.

Ethereal Charm:- A divine charm on one’s look and appearance transcends the ordinary

The bride’s personality is boosted by the colourful selections of garments, which evoke feelings ranging from happiness and playfulness to quiet and elegance.

Soft Pink:- Bride posing in a pink saree resembles the affection, innocence and femininity

This chapter allows us to observe the transformational power of colour as it works its magic to reflect the bride’s spirit. Each portrait’s spirit and the environment reveals the bride’s essence, showcasing her inner charm and confidence.

Joy in Pink:- Reminding one to enjoy youthfulness and life to its fullest

 Each outfit tells a tale of love, celebration, and individuality and acts as a brushstroke on the surface of her journey.

Elegance in White:- It enhances the beauty and brings peace and purity

“Frame” is a tribute to the endless possibilities of photography, where the interaction between the subject and environment results in a visual symphony.

Simplicity in White:- Her traditional simplicity shines when she is in white

With every shot, the bride changes, and with it, so does how we see her, revealing the facets of her dynamic personality.

Stylish Dress:- Finds herself comfortable and confident when dressed in style

 The bride is shown as a living representation of beauty, strength, and diversity in this chapter, which inspires us to accept the rainbow of colours.

We are taken to a world where the bride turns into a colourful canvas and takes our hearts with her beautiful attractiveness.

Frame:- Bride’s charm is more visible when she wears an attractive outfit of her choice

The images in this chapter serve as a reminder that every viewpoint is different and that the beauty of life is found in enjoying the rainbow of colours that is all around us.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Shaik Peer Ahamad, Visakhapatnam, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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