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Freshers Day | New Journey Begins


Freshers day at Creative Hut Photography College is an introduction day and the first day of the new academic year. This introduction day where each student and their parents are introduced to one and all is the beginning of their new journey.

The excitement of coming to Creative Hut college for pursuing ones favorite subject Photography is seen on each face of the new candidates. Not only that students have a mix emotions on the first day. Some gets anxious, curious, nervous, excited, and joyful too. Since, it is the first time that they are meeting their classmates. Moreover, on this day new friendships are created.

Different languages, different culture, different age, and different qualifications; they all with so many differences, are now under one roof one family Creative Hut. Their love towards photography is that essential factor that unites them all.

The freshers day is also the Vidyarambham or the first day to college, our Gurukul. After the introduction and get-together, students are introduced to their campus and allowed for to get comfortable with the surroundings for the day. While excitedly waiting for the next very first session of their class for next day.


We offer One year Professional Diploma In Photography and Cinematography. And also provide specialized courses in Wildlife Photography, Travel Photography, Food and Product Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion Photography, Photo Editing and Video Editing. Admission Open !

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