Fashion Photography

Fusion is mixing up two or more different concepts and creating a great photograph. In order to create a fusion fashion fiesta, one has to combine 2 weak or different styles to make one entity. Moreover, it absolutely works best in Fashion Photography. Examples are just below to prove.

Diva: Little munchkin with big dreams | Pc: Lijo Cyriac
Sophisticated: Simplicity is the ultimate form | Pc: Lijo Cyriac
High-Toned: Indifference is power | Pc: Prerana Jenamani
Classy: The ultimate sophistication | Pc: Prerana Jenamani
Plushy: Both hell fire and holy water | Pc: Prerana Jenamani

On balance, fashion photography is a genre to showcase one’s attitude and also to forecast the conceptualization of the designer’s idea of creating it. Like that of gothic, high-fashion, street styles, fusion fashion fiesta, etc.

Photographs by: Lijo Cyriac & Prerana Jenamani

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