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Make your food time your play time

Kids these days like to play mobile games and eat a lot of junk food, both of which are bad for their health . Here are some games with snacks that are great for getting kids interested in interactive games and getting them to eat healthy food.

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From our childhood we are playing different types of games. During the 90’s kids period, everyone had the habit of playing both indoor and outdoor games. The games that kids back then played included stapoo, skipping, pithoo, and hide-and-seek. Now-a-days kids play games ,but only in the computers and mobile . The introduction of internet replaced the playing grounds . While playing,we usually eat snacks in between games. These type of games refresh our childhood memory. The snacks are the main part of our food life. The time of snacks is after the lunch. In this time we usually have tea with some biscuits and some other snacks. This time is to refresh ourself with a cup of tea or coffee. The snacks plays a vital role in our daily food routine. Biscuits are always a favourite snacks for all kids. After a school time, every kid love to have some snacks. For them it’s like a energy booster before going to play. Here are some of the pictures of some games with snacks that reminds our childhood days

Tic-Tac-Toe : This game has been around for ever 3000 years
stress releasing puzzle
Stress releasing puzzle : Solve the coffee beans puzzle to reach coffee cup
snacks time food
Snacks time : It’s time to eat snacks
Stapoo : This game is throwing stone in the right box and hopping on one leg
Pacman : Pacman is an old and classic game for the 90’s kids

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