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Gift of God


Gift of god from god’s own country

starving-wildlife-photography-basil mathew

Starving : The bird eating some thing else

Birds photography

April 9, 2019—a day I’ll never forget. I left Mattakkara Kottayam at 5:30 am on April 9 to drive to Kumarakom for two hours. During that 2 hour I was thinking whether I would get birds or not . I reached Kumarakom at 8: 00 am while observing that place , i saw beautiful view. Resorts and lakes surround it. I found many foreigners there I spoke with them and they were saying Kumarakom is a very beautiful  and peaceful place. When I told an old acquaintance from Kumarakom that I was there to photograph birds and had started working on my portfolio at 8:15 a.m., he immediately began telling me about the birds and types of birds observed there.

One bird caught something in my sight . He said that this bird is called Woodstock . Woodstock is a rare species . I got a good sight of that bird.After spending more than two hours . There I moved with my friend  to another place for bird’s photography . There I found different types of birds I captured  some of them . I searched there for some more birds, but I got less birds since it was very hot. The people living that area told that it was not good time for searching birds.

merging-wildlife-photography-basil mathew

Merging : Merging with background

morning-walk-wildlife-photography-basil mathew

Morning walk : The bird in search of some think

thoughtful-mind-wildlife-photography-basil mathew

Thoughtful mind : Thinking about today

alone-wildlife-photography-basil mathew

Alone : Some time we live all alone


The months of December & January are considered best for birds photography during this time many photographers come for birds photography. Although I was not at right time I was able to explain nearly to different types of birds for many birds photography chapter of the portfolio as the day light started reading I completed my shoot around 5:30 pm my friend and the native people there helped me a lot in understanding those beautiful birds and their behaviour . I decided to visit the place again in the months of December or January to capture more birds .

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