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 Glamor Grasps


Discover the beauty of product photography through ‘Glamor Grasps’ where hands hold an artistic display of face elegance.

Seek a new method in ‘Glamor grasps’ as hands elegantly emerge from a chart, holding  products. With an inventive interaction between hands and chart paper, each image in this collection showcases the products in an alluring fusion of art and practical simplicity. The product photography through chart not only depicts the precise application of cosmetics. But also presents a visual poetry that tells stories of self-expression, freedom, and the natural artistic quality of beauty products.

vitamin c essence

Serene Beauty  A vitamin c symphony.

On a canvas of chart paper, we display the skincare treasure. Our hands embrace it softly to reveal a blend of protection and elegance. Among the fascinating field of skin care product photography, glamor grasps stands out as a visually appealing symphony that highlights the subtle style of natural beauty.

fair lovely glow

Glow Lovely  Makeup perfection unveiled.

The image showcases the transformative power of the makeup line, a radiant companion embraced by women. It  delves into the fascinating field of handheld product photography. Also revealing a world in which stories of beauty coexist together with the skill of product photography in Kerala.

natural glow face wash

Luminous Peel  Tan eraser delight.

Through a creative and artistic angle, the photograph captures the spirit of a natural glow. An individual uses an orange peel-off mask to remove and eliminate tan from their skin.. By use of delicate composition, hands gently emerge from a chart. It holds the product with a feeling of polish and joy. Creative product photography leads viewers to a world where skincare turns into a sensual adventure. It is filled with visual delight and dazzling makeover.

love nature face wash

Pure Refresh  Elevate your cleanse.

The perspective of art of product photography, glamor glow redefines the essence of facial cleansers. It creates a sensory feel  inside the entrancing mosaic of product styling in Kerala. The face wash product photography showcases a natural face wash, an organic indulgence for all skin types, enriched with the refreshing enchant of pomegranate flavor.

As we analyze the symphony of visual delight and dazzling makeovers through creative angles, “Glamor Grasps” emerges as an ode to the art of capturing the essence of face products. The attraction to face product images is evidence of the successful fusion of design. It is also the application in the dynamic field of product photography.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of S Athira and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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