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unconditional-love-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Unconditional Love : Love is unconditional in ever manner

Glares of tales, an article highlights the portraits of some villagers in Orissa . “The soul fortunately ,has an interpreter -often an unconscious , but still a truthful interpreter -in the eye.”- Charlotte Bronte

blissful-shines-portrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Blissful shines : Happy together ,shines together

Tale of the mirror of the soul

When we’re sad, our eyes also get wet. This time, it’s because we’re sad .There is always someone in the houses, and they all have different things to say. Our hearts can easily understand what our eyes are telling us. . God has given eyes not only to see but also for interacting with others. It acts as a medium to communicate and exchange information and feelings . They have the ability to communicate effectively without mere words . It is one of the many features that make us different from non-living things.They bring colors to a black world. They bring to light the deepest feelings of human heart .

Photographs of Orissa

People often show how they feel through their eyes, which are said to be the mirrors of the heart . Emotions are exposed through faces and gestures. When we are happy our eyes gives out tears with our smile .When we’re sad, our eyes also get wet. This time, it’s because we’re sad . In a village we can see differently aged people , with their eyes have something special to talk about. Their eyes speak to us about their worries,happiness,fear etc. It is interesting that just eyes have more to speak and convey about us. Eyes are the important part of portrait photography ,which helps the viewer understand our message . This photostory has several photographs of some villagers in Orissa.

curios-eyes-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Curios Eyes : Curiosity evokes knowledge

confused-appearance-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Confused appearance : Confusion creates Questions

anxious-glares-portrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Anxious glares : As age advances more things that you see that makes you anxious

spiritual-eyes-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Spiritual eyes : A believer always prays for the better

deep-rooted-eyes-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Deep rooted eyes : Sparkle of Contentment in his eyes

eyes-of-wisdom-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Eyes of wisdom : Aged eyes always have wisdom behind

glares-of-kindness-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Glares of kindness : Those humble and hard workers are kind ones

sparkles-in-happiness-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Sparkles in happiness : Eyes can show how happy you are

innocent-shimmers-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Innocent shimmers : Her smile is filled in her shining eyes

curious-gleams-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Curious gleams : Child’s eyes see thousands of wonders

eyes-of-hope-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Eyes of hope : Pain is powerful , so is hope in your eyes

shines-of-love-potrait-photography-ajayakumar s a

Shines of love : A loving heart sees beauty


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