Food photography is an art form that can be used to give our food a new perspective or a completely different life. It can be used for marketing, advertising, and other commercial purposes. Professional food photography is a genuine business endeavour, not simply something for Instagram.

maple bundt cake maple remains-the-ultimate-mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Maple Bundt Cake: Maple remains the ultimate autumn sweetener

An image that only contains one color, or several shades of the same color, is said to be monochromatic.

griddle cake a new breakfast staple mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Griddle cake: A new breakfast staple.

In contrast to colour photography, monochrome photography uses shifting levels of light to capture and display the full image. Background pictures might not be as noticeable in monochrome as the picture’s main subject.

moccaroon a bite of the deliciousness mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Macaroon: A bite of deliciousnesses

The majority of packaged and processed foodstuffs, ice cream, candy balls, and pastries are pink in color. A sweet, simple, and unfussy recipe for the perfect vanilla bundt cake.

crunch with coffe and pretty-pink-cake-pops-mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Crunch: With coffee and pretty pink cake pops

This recipe yields a beautiful golden vanilla Bundt Cake Recipe. Sweet, dense, soft, and golden brown with a simple buttery vanilla glaze.

gateour sweetest slice of paradise mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Gateau: Sweetest slice of paradise.

All essential equipment for taking a decent photo, but there are a few extras that will have a bigger impact on our picture. The shot that should be taken is the one that is perpendicular to the ground and directly over the food. Pouring, stirring, and sprinkling are some of the motions used.

wafle cones ninety nine a cone-of-icecream-mohammed mushin kannur creativehut
Waffle Cones: Ninety-nine a cone of ice cream

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