Graceful Exposure by Akshay P J


Taking a picture is like always giving a piece of your soul away. You allow other people to see world through your eyes. I love pictures because the best thing about them is that, they never change, even when the people in it; do.

I would like to share my perspective to all of you through my book called “ GRACEFUL EXPOSURE”. In this book you will find Art & Culture, Fashion Portraits, Amazing Streets and some beautiful landscapes. The book shows my perspective to the whole world; how I see it and how I want to show the world to people.

I always wanted to capture every moment and every thing which I see and wanted to show that to people. The beautiness of it, and how you can freeze it forever. When the world asks, “What was it like?’’ rather than telling, I can proudly show them. I hope you enjoy my book which captures everything I’ve experienced in my life till and appreciate it as well.

Akshay P J, Kannur, Kerala

Photography is a form of art which cannot be defined using words. To me, it is my happiness. My camera act as a third eye for exploring. It changed my way of observation and enhanced creativity.

An image is not just a combination of colours. It is a frame of emotions and efforts of a photographs can take us to those moments and to those people.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Akshay P J, Kannur,Kerala.Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners. He has completed Professional Diploma in Art of Photography, Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) in Photography, and Assistant Cameraman (NSQF level 4) under Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC).


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