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  Graceful Wings


Butterflies, with their graceful wings, flaunt a spectrum of hues, from delicate pastels to transforming blues, enhancing their rapture.

Graceful butterfly wings dance amidst a vibrant spectrum of colors in Kerala’s captivating landscape, showcasing the beauty of Thattekad. Encounters with these winged marvels reveal each species’ distinct charm, improving Kerala’s vibrant flora and fauna. These beautiful wings provide an overview of Kerala’s rich natural array, displaying its magnificence and diversity.


Blue Tiger Wings of azure grace in flight.

wings of azure

 Wings of azure Graceful flutterer, the Glassy Tiger enchants nature.

The simplicity of nature unveils a universe of vibrant colours and flapping wings in Thattekad’s beautiful landscape. Butterfly movements are transformed into a wonderful movement through the lens. The “Blue Tiger” entices with its stunning blue wings, perfectly capturing the moment of flight with each click. On the flip side, the “Indian Glassy Tiger” holds one charmed with its transparent wings, exuding a flying charm with each graceful flutter. Photographs of butterflies in Thattekad reveal the delicate balance and beauty of these animals in their natural setting.


Euploea core Elegant brown butterflies in serene fling.

common indian crew

Common Indian crow perched on a tree branch.

The Euploea core butterfly, which indicates the elegance of nature’s creations, flaps softly in the peaceful glory of Kerala’s greenery. Butterfly’s rich brown hues stand out against the greenery, making it an ideal photo subject. The poised photographer waits to capture its graceful dance among flowers. Amid Kerala’s beauty, an Indian crow perches on a nearby branch, completing the serene scene. With precision, the photographer captures fleeting moments, accenting Intricacies details of butterfly wings and peaceful living together in their habitat.

In Kerala’s sanctuary, each species presents a unique marvel of nature amid vibrant plants. The photographer adeptly captures fleeting moments amidst the splendid surroundings, bathed in warm sunlight. Precise timing and careful attention have the little things of butterfly wings and the peaceful essence of Kerala’s stunning locations.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Ashwin A S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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