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Granny’s Recipe


“Granny’s Recipe” conveys a sense of love, knowledge of cooking, pulling viewers in with attractive imagery of South Indian delicious foods.

Granny’s recipe takes centre stage in this enticing journey through Food photography. It captures the soul of loved foods in vivid detail. In addition to that each image takes viewers to a world of foodie bliss, Granny’s Recipe meals come to life with brilliant colours, urging you to enjoy their traditional flavours.

Homemade Mutton Biriyani

Tempting : Mutton biryani bliss.

Tempting fragrances overflow the air, as a sizzling plate of delicious mutton Biryani. This favorite dish, made with Granny’s traditional recipe, awakens memories and makes me hungry. Food Biryani photography captures every tasty grain of rice and soft piece of meat in great detail. Red is a bright hue that may frequently increase hunger, encouraging viewers to revel in the delicious enjoyment of Granny’s Recipe.

Homemade Chicken 65

Seasoning: crispy chicken delight.

In an explosion of spice, golden-brown pieces of Crispy fried chicken images appear, tempting the senses with their tempting smell. It shows the ideal combination of crispness and softness. Each tasty mouthful of fried chicken is preserved in Food photography, richer red hue indicates a well-cooked and crispy exterior, encouraging visitors to try the crispy deliciousness of this timeless favourite.

Homemade kappa dish

Mashed Delight : Healthy comfort food.

The relaxing flavour of Mashed tapioca, a lovely combination of flavours, is captured through the gaze of Food photography. It is the peak of healthy comfort food. Creamy Mashed tapioca photos highlight the dish’s silky richness and satisfying character, allowing you to take pleasure in each spoonful of this healthy, delicious food.

Homemade fish curry

Hearty : Lovely fishy feast.

Dive into a tasty fishy feast with the spicy Kottayam Fish Curry; it is a real treat for fish lovers. Fish curry food picture highlights the brilliant colours and alluring fragrances of it. The red hue in the image can indicate the level of flavours that disturb the delightful experience.

Ultimately, Granny’s Recipe and Food photography combine to produce an appealing sensation. Each item appears in rich detail, inviting viewers to take pleasure in its delectability.

Copyright: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of  Sathish Kumar C R and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Flim. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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