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Green Dawn


Witness Green Dawn which narrates nature’s harmony from sunrise to majestic mountains, fostering appreciation for Earth’s natural beauty.

Towering mountains and lush forests are just the  inspiring canvas of “Green Dawn.” This earthly artistry unveils the harmonious relation among natural elements bathed in the dawn’s emerald glow. The objective of landscape photography is to capture these fleeting moments. Landscape nature photography shows here the beauty of nature by capturing the environment.

Infinite peaks of Vagamon

Infinite Peaks On distant peaks.

“Infinite Peaks” beautifully showcases the scenic landscape of mountains in Kerala, through “Green Dawn”. The picture shows distant peaks glowing in the sunrise light against a backdrop of blue sky and fluffy clouds. There are trees and tea plants, while a hint of morning fog adds an extra touch of magic. It’s a simple yet fascinating nature photography of Vagamon landscapes.

Mountain trails of mountain valley

Mountain Trails  Endless peaks, road to nowhere.

“Mountain Trails,” taken from a hilltop in Vagamon, Kerala, capturing the essence of a sunrise photo. The golden sun rays light up the endless peaks in the distant valley, making it an enchanted moment. In Front of those endless mountains, there’s a road leading to nowhere, adding a touch of mystery to the scene. This beautiful image invites us to appreciate the quiet beauty of the morning in the hills.

Eternal ridge of green hill

Eternal Ridge  Morning shadows on majestic folds.

“Eternal Ridge” unveils the majestic beauty of the wonderful landscape in Vagamon, Kerala. In this image an elongated mountain stands proudly, adorned with a lush carpet of greenery. The morning sun casts shadows on the majestic folds of the mountain’s front side. The harmonious fresh morning atmosphere displays the stunning mountains in Vagamon.

Peaks and homes in the mountain valley

Peaks and Homes Mountain valley, homes nestled.

“Peaks and Homes” captures the harmonious blend of nature and human settlement in the mountain valley of Vagamon, Kerala. From the hilltop, you can see Small mountains surrounding the homes and on one side, a cluster of thick pine trees adds to the green harmony of the scene. This green landscape photo shows the harmonious relationship of homes and nature in vagamon’s golden hour landscapes.

In the serene embrace of “Green Dawn,” nature’s harmony unfolds through towering mountains and other nature elements. The art of landscape photography serves as a universal language that beats boundaries. Capturing landscapes not just images but also stories of the natural world.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Adarsh N S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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