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In this growing world , beauty of ancient architectural buildings plays vital role..

Beauty of architecture

Architecture are the wonders of human designs . It has  beauty ,hard work,and brilliance of the designer merged. It takes a brilliant designer to design an architectural beauty which takes many weeks and months to complete . They will be showing different making style and design according to the places. Symmetry is when  a particular shape is present along both side of a central axis or line. Symmetry is an architectural ordering principle which is followed almost every part of the world for many eras. Also we can find symmetry almost everywhere .Symmetry makes even almost everywhere. Symmetry makes even our face : vehicles like car has symmetry which enhances the appearances . Symmetry makes an architectural piece stand out and it will give an attraction to it. Architectural design give an attraction to it .Likewise architectural designers usually use them in churches , mosque and monumental constructions.

Symmetry gives a calm sensation to the viewer. It can bind several constructions into a single one. It gives a perception of completion the buildings. Lateral symmetry happens when there is only one single axis or line and there is equal and opposite parts of the buildings are present. Rotational symmetry is another type of symmetry which is not that much common,but it is very pleasing to see a building with rotational symmetry . It is seemed like it can be rotated around its main central axis . In this type of buildings more than 2 structures will be present . And there will be only one central axis present in the exact center of the symmetry . Without symmetry the architectural buildings will be meaningless and less attractive . And that’s why this principle is applies in the buildings.

uttarpradesh-arcitecture-photography-arjun a raj

Uttar Pradesh : A place of buildings

sky-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Sky : Blue with Blue sky

fish-eye-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Fish eye : Three in one curve frame

shapes-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Shapes : A frame with different shapes

windows-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Windows : Get more fresh air

too-much-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Too much : Hard to count


Three in one : Color of sky

duel-architecture-photography-arjun a raj

Duel : More than one


Glass : Two mirror in one frame

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Arjun A Raj, Chengannur, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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