A gurukul  is a traditional Indian school where students (shishya) live near their guru, often sharing the same dwelling as a sort of family.

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Learning Methodology

The Gurukul way of learning
If a student fails in academic studies, it's not because he or she is not brilliant. But, it's because he or she has not been taught the way things can be understood. Creative Hut Gurukul follows a concept of a unique learning system. The idea of imparting education in a learning environment for the sustainability of each student's future, has been the root cause for implementing the unique learning system. We follow a learning structure inspired from Indian traditional methodology called “Gurukul way of learning”. In Indian tradition, ‘Guru’ means teacher and ‘kula’ means family or the home. A Gurukul is a place where the Guru (Teacher) and the shisyas (students) stay at the same premises, learning from their Guru. Proper guidance is the essential factor in any learning stage. Teachers play an important role in shaping the character as well as the career of every individual student. Staying in one location enables teachers to understand each student's interests and analyze their skills. Support them in developing their skills to the next level. As it is well said that “Teachers are the second Parents”, here we implement it in its true reality. Being with the students 24 x 7 in the same campus, here teachers or gurus make their maximum effort to understand each student’s skills and interests, into priority.

Gurukul way of learning, enables the teachers to give time and space to analyze each student’s problems and initiate them to solve those with confidence. In today’s generation, most of the youngsters and students experience loneliness in their lives and as a result have a fear that there is no one to listen and understand them. A Gurukul gives a feeling of a home away from home. And along with the academic studies, it is fun and fruitful to have a home school experience. The loneliness, fears and anxieties are no more when the students are in a place called Gurukul that turns to be the second home of every individual student.

Traditional Ideology

Critical thinking & Indigenous knowledge
Creative Hut Gurukul’s program is a platform providing the way of living where each candidate is allowed to grow in the space and time building up one's indigenous knowledge as the traditional Andamanese ethnic group of people called “Ongees” had. The importance of indegenous knowledge is known to be popular with this group of people who survived the Tsunami and Earthquake with their in-depth knowledge. Creative Hut Gurukul aims in building up the students and today's youth with not only the general knowledge but also with this critical thinking and traditional indigenous knowledge. The concept relies on observing the nature around us, getting inspiration from it and adapting those in the most creative form. It's all about training oneself with biomimicry & problem solving. Such as finding the traditional remedies from natural resources like plants, fruits and flowers, etc… to overcome the physical health problems and maintain the mind and body to be healthy and stronger. It also includes the self cooking concept, where the students can cook the food of their interest amidst nature. It opens their minds and engages them in acquiring new knowledge and experiences.

Living with the Gurus or teachers, along with the students coming from different places, speaking different languages and of different cultures, allows each of them to learn how to accept one and all as they are. It makes them stronger to adapt to the situation and enables them to think wisely and cultivate problem solving skills in themselves. The aim is to make today’s students analyze the necessity and act accordingly. To find ways to overcome the situations instead of getting stressed due to it. To identify the problems and to sort those problems with critical thinking for better solutions.

Skill Development Program

Visual Media for Better Career
Our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched the Skill India Mission in 2015, with a vision to bring up India with skilled individuals and making them independent and self confident to achieve a better life and career. Inspired by this, the Creative Hut Gurukul project aims to provide a platform for skill development programs in visual media. Particularly, there are mainly 2 reasons to choose the visual media based programs. 

Firstly, since digital technology has been rapidly growing since last decade and especially after the Covid-19 pandemic; the scope of jobs in digital media has increased. This makes clear understanding that if the candidates are well trained and skilled with aesthetic and technical skills in visual media, then there are various opportunities that they can grow further such as a photographer, videographer, editor, etc... Still images and videos are a need and requirement of almost every organization. No matter how big or small it is; digital media and visuals play a vital role in the growth of the company. Getting skilled in such programs will definitely help the candidates to obtain a sustainable career further.

Secondly, it is the visual media such as photography, videography, image editing and video editing that today's youth are attracted to. Visual media makes one engaged, and involved in it, such as the anxiety and frustrations that used to disturb them starts to disappear gradually. Indeed, it is one of the best solutions for the youth to reduce their stress, depression and loneliness.

Around the world, it has been observed that the students, especially the youth, those who are less interested in their academic studies, show greater interest in the visual images. Photography and camera becomes a part of their lives and a medium to find joy through it. Moreover, the youth get more keen in understanding and learning the art and technology of these visual media. Thus, these visual media are considered to be the skill developing mediums all over the world.

When it comes to the idea of making the youth independent and confident in their lives with their inner skills and interests, Creative Hut Gurukul embedded the project with visual media education. Initiating and encouraging today’s youth to learn is a challenge in itself. The project of Creative Hut Gurukul ensures a structured course program of Visual Media including Design, Photography, Videography to the young students to build up a career for themselves. These are the mediums that can reduce the stress, depression and allow them to move on finding new things and capturing those stories forever.

Visual images whether it's still or moving, plays a vital role in balancing our mental health. Although there are visual media courses and many course programs offered by different colleges around the world, Creative Hut Gurukul has a different approach offering the visual media courses. Learning from the mentors or Gurus, by living with them and in the naturally acclaimed environment is one important factor that makes it different from other courses and institutions. Moreover, with the visual media course program in Creative Hut Gurukul, one starts forgetting about one's stress, and comes out of their depression and frustrations that they used to have in their past. Camera turns out to be their good companion. Finally they start loving the art and technology of capturing the visual images. And start making efforts to confidently gain income out of it. Compared to any other academic studies, the visual media studies enable the students to love what they are and what they do. 

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