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Bake the world a better place Happiness Factory , an article by Alan Jose shows wonderful food photographs..

bite-off-food-photography-alan jose

Bite Off : More than you can chew

Food photography , one of the most difficult genres in still life photography , where the photographer starts with an empty canvas and build up something amazing . Let the creativity come out and you will end up bringing an exemplary artistic outcome. “ Happiness factory

dip-the-roll-in-food-photography-alan jose

Dip the roll in : Not too long that it break off

Nothing is more inviting than freshly baked items . Those crispy cookies with stuffed nuts and dry fruits could keep you eating without an end . And those soft and spongy bread is inevitable in life .Baking is a process of cooking using dry heat mostly in an oven where the heat travels from the outer part towards the center , thus making the baked item crispier outside with a comparatively softer core . Baked bread is much cultural and religious significance in some cases .

short-story-food-photography-alan jose

Short story : I just ate one , end of cookies .

Cookies, cakes, bread, rolls, pies, pastries, and muffins are created with flour or grain. As the baking techniques improved with the advancement in baking utensils and oven . Both kids and adults would benefit from eating a homemade, healthier version of it .

munch-the-cookies-food-photography-alan jose

Munch the cookies : In the oven, there is only love.

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