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Haridwar Tales


Haridwar Tales Capturing strength, independence, and solidarity in vibrant street life photographs, offering a lively city perspective.

Glad to be to “Haridwar Tales,” where eye-catching street photography brings the colourful streets of Haridwar photography to life. Every picture captures the spirit of everyday existence in this energetic city, presenting tales of strength, self-reliance, and togetherness. These street photos provide an insight into the diverse fabric of Haridwar’s customs and culture, from the scent of freshly brewed tea to the casual discussions among citizens.

a man is walking with supportive sticks

Resilience Man walks with support alone.

Citizen photography in Haridwar’s busy streets animates the common stories of fight and independence. Here, people move strongly and gracefully through the city’s surfaces amid the ups and downs of everyday existence.

a lady walking with her laguage

Independence Woman strides forward with luggage alone.

Every picture tells a tale waiting to be told, from the guy relying on him for assistance and finding strength. In every step to the woman pushing forward with her bags and capturing the spirit of freedom.

a little street conversations

Street Conversations People share tea waiting for the school bus. Family.

Locals meet over steaming cups of tea and strike up talks on the street that go beyond simple exchanges.

a old lady is drinking tea

Street Moment Aged woman sips tea amid passing traffic.

The spirit of everyday life photography emerges. In these exchanges of warmth and companionship, showing the core of Haridwar’s busy streets.

a old man is making chai old guys

Brew Old man serves tea to aged customers.

The guy who makes tea for his clients. Becomes a symbol of custom and neighbourhood, and the old lady enjoying her tea. In the middle of the street conversations represents peace in the middle of the activity of the city.

a guys is waiting for customers

 Activity Daily life in Haridwar streets.

“Haridwar Tales” allows visitors to enter into the rich texture of daily life photography using the lens of street photography. With each image serving as a tribute to the resolve, independence, and connectivity of the city’s residents.

Street life photography portrays strength and independence created into the fabric of daily life. Contributing to the textile of “Haridwar Tales.” From the lonely walks to the conversations over chai, every picture captures the lively energy of Haridwar’s streets. The essence of Haridwar’s street life is captured in these photos. Allowing viewers to become absorbed in its unique stories of Haridwar.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Sampath Kumar and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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