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Harnessing Light

Light has the power to create or break any final image, and it is frequently the ingredient that transforms a mediocre shot into an outstanding one. We can use lighting to do a variety of photography techniques. It refers to how an artificial or natural light source illuminates the environment or subject being photographed. Photographers can alter the placement and quality of a light source to generate visual effects, possibly modifying features of the shot such as clarity, tone, and saturation to create an accurate portrayal of the scene. Light painting is a photographic technique that involves moving a light source during a long exposure shot, either to illuminate a subject or space, or to shine light at the camera to ‘draw,’ or by moving the camera itself during light source exposure.

Light Trails and Urban Nights

With a slow shutter speed, long-exposure photography blurs, smears, or obstructs moving parts. Light trails are a great way to make urban night photography stand out. Traffic and car light trails show how fast life is in big cities. You can freeze moving lights with a fast shutter speed. You may also take light trails with extended shutter speeds. Long exposure lets you create amazing images of many shapes and sizes with light, such as light painting, tube painting, night trails, and more, that are difficult to achieve with a typical shutter opening or closing. In this chapter, “Illumination,” we’ll look at spectacular nighttime images produced using coloured tube lights and car lights.

shadow in light

Believe: The outer light of faith

city in full of lights

Poonkunnam Round: Life-Changing Rush of Thrissur

light rays

Rays of illumination: Images changing in the light of darkness

man on cycle

Circus: Time is a carnival that is constantly dismantling and replacing itself


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