Heritage values


The art of taking photographs to tell stories about people, daily life, or culture is known as “cultural photography.” Photographs can be as simple as portraits of people, as common as street scenes, or as complex as scenes that show how people interact with each other in groups.

Kathakali Makeup: Elaborate process lasting for three hours.

Making a worthwhile cultural photograph is rarely as simple as pressing the shutter release button; rather, it necessitates a sense of interest in what is relevant in the world around us, as well as the discipline to photographically preserve it.

Pachcha: First stage of make up.

It necessitates careful consideration of what should be photographed.While it appears to be the most realistic method of capturing the world around us, this is not always the case. As noted photographer Richard Avedon once said, “all photographs are accurate, but none of them are the truth.”

Adbhutam: Wonder and curiosity

Kathakali, A Visual Narrative of Sacred Indian Mime’, is Kerala’s gift to the world of performing arts, with a rich 400-year heritage. The author moves across the vast canvas with the ease of one who is familiar with the terrain and the precision of an insider who has formally learned the art.

Veera: Represents bravery and self-confidence

Kathakali is thought to have originated in the 17th century from Ramanattam, which is thought to have been formulated as a fitting response to Krishnattam, with all of these genres being predated by Kootiyattam, the most ancient extant form of Sanskrit dance-theatre.

Kathakali: Major form of classical Indian dance

Kathakali literally translates to “Katha” narrative, with “Kali” referring to a dance or performance. It is a hybrid art form in which several actor-dancers play various parts. The stories are typically based on the Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Kathakali is a magnificent art form, and seeing the clothing reveals just how much effort and artistic value have gone into its creation.

Karunam: Represents grief and compassion

In this chapter Heritage values I have embrased the cultural value of kathakali.

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