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Holy Passage


In “Holy Passage,” believers travel through breathtaking scenery while putting blind faith and effort into seeking awakening.

Located in the center of Kerala, Sabarimala is a highly respected location full of spiritual fervor. Here, during verdant surroundings, pilgrims set out on meaningful pilgrimages led by unwavering faith. Every pilgrim’s journey reflects a profound longing for spiritual enlightenment amid the sacred atmosphere of devotion, from lone prayers to colorful rituals.

journeying alone

Journeying Alone A lonely girl seeks spiritual connection.

guided by faith

Guided by Faith Young believer, father visit Sabarimala.

This young believer is traveling with her father, hand in hand, to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. Their footsteps sound with expectation and respect amidst verdant hills.

They approach Ayyappan together in search of comfort and blessings, indicating the enduring spiritual connection that binds generations together in spiritual inquiry and devotion.

Amidst the bustling crowd of pilgrims journeying towards Sabarimala, a young boy stands out, his fervent prayers echoing amidst the throng.

pilgrim in prayer

Pilgrim in Prayer Boy prays in sabarimala crowd.

ritual pilgrim

Ritual Pilgrim Sabarimala pilgrim decorated her face.

In the vibrant pilgrimage scene at Sabarimala, stands a solitary young girl on a quest for spiritual solace. Devotees put powders on their face vivid ritual colors during the highly regarded pilgrimage, signifying their commitment to spirituality.

A little girl stands among the crowds, garbed in all the bright colors of tradition with deep respect. Every brush stroke on her face represents her journey toward spiritual insight and her internal search for it.

The essence of spiritual devotion resonates through the stories of pilgrims, whether in familial relationships, solitary prayers, or colorful rituals. Tradition and faith converge here, directing pilgrims on their holy journey towards inner insight.

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