Hopping Colours


“Macro photography is one of the trickiest and challenging genre in the field of photography where the photographer needs to capture the tiny subjects which are not properly visible to the naked eyes “

Macro photography creates a challenging task to the photographer in which the subject accurately. Macro photography is differentiated into various forms starting from insects, to the tiny subjects either natural or artificial. Colours gives more attraction to the eyes and make us involve with them are also used in various forms of photography such as macro photography, Abstract photography,Fashion photography and so on. The combination of the colour in a perfect way gives the best output of more more vibrant and vivid photographs. Different colours can be used in different forms such colour liquids and more

There are many ways to capture the colour in the macro photography one of them was maintaining the perfect camera setting and the perfect equipment and accessories and the last but not least accurate lightings. When a photographer is able to maintain and gain control over these things nothing can stop him/her become a good photographer

Contrast in frame : Patterns of life are sometimes distinct

Beyond the roots : Sometimes you have to dig deeper to find what you want

Elegant branches : The beauty at its best is different according to perceptions

Misleading reflections : Not always the reflections lighten up the right path

Through the looking glass : Vision changes everything

Enhanced perceptions : You can find hope even in a tree without any leaves

Greenery reflected: You can made up of nature, you are nature yourself

Beyond gravity : Gravity can’t hold back your freedom

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