How to find Best Photography Colleges in India?


Best way to find top Photography Colleges in India

Firstly, before joining a Photography college, we usually search for ‘which is the best photography college to learn photography?’ And then we search in google for the list of top Photography colleges in India. But, how will you then know ‘which is the best?’ Thus it is very important to first know ‘How to find best photography colleges in India?’ The best and easiest way is to get the answers to the following questions.

How to find Photography colleges in India

What is Photography?

During our research work, our correspondent asked one of the students ” What is photography?” His answer was different. Instead of just replying to what is photography, he described furthermore. Indeed his humble and honest answer, made us add it here.

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His answer was “Sir I like Photography. For me, photography is not a hobby, I want to make a career in it. But I am not aware of what is photography and the scope of photography. My parents said that I must go to Engineering. I didn’t like it. But because they insisted on me a lot, with their pressure, I went to college. And really I wasted my four years. I tried my best. But I have a backlog of 20 subjects. Now parents do not have any other option. So they said what you like, do it. Hence, I decided to join one of the best photography colleges in India. But I didn’t know which college is the best or top photography college in India. I thought my best option was to find the one in google”

best photography colleges in india-search

While we researched about the searching in google, we got to know that people are searching in a number of different ways. Such as

  • best photography colleges in India
  • best photography schools in India
  • best photography courses in India
  • best photography institutes in India
  • best photography academy in India
  • top photography colleges in India
  • top photography schools in India
  • top photography courses in India
  • top photography institutes in India

But many of them are not actually bothered about “India”. They always prefer to their local places. And they, therefore, search as best photography colleges in Delhi, best photography colleges in Mumbai, best photography colleges in Pune, best photography colleges in Bangalore, best photography colleges in Ahmadabad, best photography colleges in Hyderabad, best photography colleges in Kolkata, best photography courses in Chennai, best photography colleges in Lucknow, best photography colleges in Jaipur, etc.

List of Photography Colleges in India

In our earlier article, we have mentioned about the list of top photography colleges in India. We always say there are many ways to find photography colleges. In fact, every candidate have a different aspect while they search for photography colleges.


As part of our research, we inquired to many students about their ways to find the best photography colleges? We tried to get to know that what did they expected from a Photography College? Why they preferred particular photography institutes or college for learning? And finally how did they got to know that their preferred college is the best photography college that they can ever have?

Some of the candidates had a clear vision and understanding on how they found the best photography college for themselves. They cross-checked with very common but at the same time important features that a photography college must-have. Below is the list that they check listed and inquired with the colleges before they finalized to learn there. We have tried to include almost all those queries here, and hence the list seems to be longer. But, we think it would be worth so that even you may get to know

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How to find Best Photography Colleges in India?

Let’s see what have they inquired to the photography colleges,

  1. Where is photography College located? Is it based on a floor in a building? Or does it have a particular Campus?
  2. What is the photography course duration and when does it start? Does it starts at any time as per students’ convenience or does the college has a particular time scheduled?
  3. What is the timing of the classes? Is it two or three days in a week, six days in a week, two or four hours per day, weekends only or full-time full week? How often the classes are conducted?
  4. Does the photography institute or college provide regular classes on technical understanding, practical sessions, theoretical knowledge?
  5. Does the Photography college have Alumni’s Portfolio? Does the college have students’ work?
  6. Does the college provide any camera and studio equipment facilities to the students?
  7. Does the photography college provide a Hostel or Accommodation facility on the Campus? Does the college take responsibility for staying facility of the students? Do the college charge extra fees to their students for the hostel facility?
  8. What are the facilities and infrastructure provided in the photography college campus?
  9. Does the photography college provide a playground? Does the college encourage sports and games for the students? What is the arrangement done for sports sessions on the campus?
  10. Does the photography institute provide any extra activities and cultural activities? Does the college have any celebrations? How are students involved in the celebrations?
  11. Does the college arrange Photo Walks? Or do the college initiate field visits? And are the students allowed for outdoor photography?
  12. Does the photography college arrange Photo Tours? Is the photography tours a part of the study structure in the course at these photography colleges?
  13. Does the photography college arrange Photography Exhibitions for the students? Or does the college have any other methods to promote students’ work?
  14. Are the faculties or mentors available on the college campus? Who are the mentors?
  15. Does the photography college charge extra fees for separate photography specialization? Do the college charge separate fees for photo editing, video editing, and videography classes?
  16. Does the college have any guest faculties visiting their campus for specialized classes like wildlife photography, fashion photography, product photography, etc… for students?
  17. Do any branded Camera and equipment companies visit the college campus? Does the photography college provide classes demonstrating different cameras and equipment?
  18. Does the college provide any placement for the students after the course? Does the college help their students to get good jobs in the photography field? What is the placement percentage of the students from the photography college?
  19. Does the college provide alumni details or their ex-students details? How can we get in touch with their passed out or last batch students?
  20. And last but not least. What are the course fees? What is the total expense during the course? Are there any additional fees to be paid? How is the total course fees to be paid? Does the college provide any loan or scholarship or installment facility for the students?

Before joining a Photography college, one must surely cross-check with these queries. And get answers to the above questions from the photography colleges. The most relevant answers will let you know which photography college can serve you best.

Difference between Photography School, Institute, College and Academy 

Photography School is an institution or place for educating children or Kids. Photography School which means School which conducts short term courses or crash courses.

Photography Institute is an organization having a particular purpose, especially one that is involved with the specific profession of Photography.

Photography College is an educational institution that has a campus, place for entertainment and one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training.

Photography Academy is a place of study or training in a special field.

Photography Education

Photography Education in India can be achieved by a Certificate Course, Diploma course or Degree course. A formal photography education can be obtained in a Photography school, Photography institute, photography college or Photography Academy. Moreover, one must understand that photography education has greater importance. Particularly, if photography is your passion and wants to take it into a serious note.

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The number of years you need to invest may vary as per the above-selected courses. Photography Certificate Courses are for three months to six months. Whereas, Diploma courses are of one year to two years and Degree courses for three years.

Our earlier article explains the best photography courses in India.

Photography Course can be pursued after 10th, 12th or Degree. It is always better to join a photography course after 12th of your formal education. Actually, for photography courses, qualifications are not important. But formal education of 12 years of basic qualification in India is required.

Photography Syllabus

Photography Syllabus

Innovative and updated Photography syllabus is very important in Photography Courses. While we searched for some of the photography Syllabus in different photography colleges, we found that most institutions have a similar syllabus. Our target was to find the best photography syllabus been conducted in India. And hence research on finding the best photography syllabus depended on the following features.

  • Does the photography syllabus is carried out in a structured manner by the Photography college?
  • Does the photography institute update their photography syllabus every year? or how often they update the same?
  • Does the photography syllabus have only photography basics?
  • Does the photography syllabus include the basics of photography or the foundation of photography to advance photography?
  • Does the college provide both theoretical and practical classes for the students as part of the syllabus?
  • Does the photography institute include photo editing and photo designing as a part of the syllabus in the same course? And do they charge extra for this?
  • Does the college provide videography and video editing in the same syllabus? And do the college charge separate fees for the same?
  • Does the college offer different categories of Photography in the same syllabus in the same fees? or do they charge separately for each photography specializations such as fashion, product, travel photography, and photojournalism, etc…?
  • Is there any internship or placement facility provided by the college as part of the syllabus?
Photography College syllabus

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Which college is best for photography in India?

It was a tough survey. Since almost all the photography institute or colleges divide the syllabus into different sessions and charge extra fees separately for each session. We found that there is only one photography college in India that provides a complete dedicated package for photography courses. The reason to say this is because of their structured syllabus with Photography + Photo Editing + Photo Designing + DSLR Cinematography + Video Editing + different Photography Categories. Moreover, its also because they don’t charge extra fees for each specialization in photography. Thus Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala is the only college that makes the candidate pursue a photography course with a structured syllabus.

These might be one of the reasons why this college is listed in the top photography colleges in India. Creative Hut Institute of Photography is also the only college providing a government-approved syllabus in Photography. They offer a one year course with many specializations in photography without charging separate fees.

Our research team found all other colleges provide customized courses and as per their convenience. Now, we all know that there are various camera brands in the market. Every camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic provides the functionality of both Photography and Cinematography together in their DSLR Camera itself. Then why the photography colleges don’t include both photography and videography in the same syllabus. By now, the reason would be very obvious to you. Because of money matters. As a result, other colleges keep it separate to lessen down their expenses and indeed charge more and extra from their students.

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Best Photography Course

Any photography course will become the best for you based on the contents of the syllabus. So before joining any photography college, you must surely go through the syllabus of all colleges. Know about how they have structured the portions? What is included as part of the syllabus? What is not a part of the syllabus? Or is it chargeable for each different portion?

photography courses in delhi

Photography courses can be of different duration, specifically as follows.

  1. Short term photography courses do not have a deep and complete syllabus. In fact most of the time it is customized as per one’s convenience. Such types of courses are basically meant for those candidates who wish to have just some understanding of the camera and do not plan for a future profession in photography.
  2. Long term photography Courses are special purpose-based courses with one year, two years and three years course duration. The main aim of such courses is to prepare potential candidates for their future career in the photography field. If you are selecting a degree three years course or two years course, then you need more patience. One year diploma means less investment in time and money. Indeed a faster approach to the goals.

In search of ‘how to find the best photography colleges in India?’ there are few more important factors responsible for the same. We must also need to know about the photography course fees, photography internship, photography career and job assistance of the photography colleges.

Photography Course Fees

What is Photography Course fees? Best Professional Photography Colleges charges as per the facilities. The cost is approximately 3 lacs to 10 lacs.

Some colleges include the hostel or accommodation and food as the facility in the course fees itself. And some charges extra for hostel and food facilities. While some colleges don’t bother about it at all.

One year diploma course demands less investment for a year as compared to the courses that are of two years or three years duration.

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Photography Career

As we mentioned in the earlier article about photography career we must understand the scope of the photography field.

According to the Scope of Photography in India, we can divide it into Commercial Photography, Non-Commercial Photography, and DSLR Cinematography.

Photography Career In India

Scope of Photography in India (Photography and Videography)

  1. Wedding Photography
  2. Product Photography
  3. Photo Editing and Designing
  4. DSLR Cinematography
  5. Video Editing
  6. Interior and Architecture Photography
  7. Fashion Photography

Hence, students and their parents must know about the scope of photography and career options in it. Most importantly, it is one of the factors, that encourage them to select a particular photography course.

Photography Jobs vs Entrepreneurship

As per our research, we found that before joining a photography college, maximum students inquire about the jobs available or jobs offered by the college. After completion of the course, they usually go for the Job. But within three to six months they start thinking of business in individual or group. They often quote “If we start our own business in the photography field, we can earn much better than Job.” As per the survey, we too found the same thing.

Read our earlier article about the career and scope photography.



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