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Human Interest Photography A beautiful quote by the legendary Photographer Ansel Adams states, ” You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Its true for any and all kinds of photography. What a photographer sees, feels and visualize is being what he or she gets framed in the form of photographs. Every picture tells a story. It becomes more interesting when this story relates to ourselves. Human interest photography is one such kind of photography. where each image tells a story. The human activities with their emotions plays a vital role in such photographs.

Photo Courtesy: Ajay Kumar S A | 12th Batch

What is Human Interest Photography?

Human Interest Photography is defined as the photographs of the human activities, their behavior, and their expressions as per particular scenarios. Usually, human-interest photographs reflects the life and soul of one’s daily routine too.

Photo Courtesy: Ramees Rajan | 11th Batch

Moreover, we all are familiar with the term Lifestyle photography. Is there any difference between Lifestyle Photography and Human-interest Photography? Or are both of these one and the same. Well, here are quick answers to what these terms are meant for?

What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is defined as a type of photography that involves capturing the people and portraits in their environment, situations, etc… Most importantly, it is all about capturing people in their true lifestyle and real-life events.

Photo Courtesy: Ajil Joy | 11th Batch

Furthermore, the main aim of lifestyle photography is to convey the stories of the subject or the people in the image in an artistic manner. Indeed the method used here is the Plandid Photography.

As a matter of fact, now you will be confused with what is Plandid photography all about? Lets see what is Candid and Plandid Photography.

What is Candid Photography?

Candid photography is defined as the type of photography where the subjects in the image are not posed and are captured without the knowledge of the subject in it. Usually, candid photographs conveys real expressions of the subjects at that particular moment. Subjects in candid shots are neither posed nor asked to look straight into the camera. These are instant shots on the spot that are not aimed in planning and shooting.

Photo Courtesy: Ramees Rajan | 11th Batch

In candid photography subjects are captured with their actions, their precious moments and their expressions without any delay.

Photo Courtesy: Nadirsha T | 10th Batch

What is Plandid Photography?

Plandid Photography is on the other hand, a kind of photography where although the subject was given direction, but the final image looks like it was captured as though the subject was unaware of it. In other words. Plandid Photography is the planned version of Candid Photography.

Photo Courtesy: Akhil Gopi | 13th Batch

How is Lifestyle Photography different from Human-Interest Photography?

The primary goal of both the Lifestyle photography and Human-interest Photography is to tell stories about human lives through their dressing, surroundings, and activities. The difference between the both genre of photography is the priority given to each of these factors being captured.

Life style Photography give more importance to the clothing, surroundings and thus the lifestyle of the people photographed in it. Whereas, human-interest photography basically concentrate on the importance of human activities, supported by the surrounding and dressing.

Photo Courtesy: Ajil Joy | 11th Batch

Photography is as large and vast as ocean. Getting deep into this ocean is like learning more new facts in it. Photography neither have an ending nor a particular point to start with. One can start learning and experimenting photography from any age. Human interest photography is one such kind of photography that make one evolve in the field of photography. Let’s see how?

Photo Courtesy: Ramees Rajan | 11th Batch

One can start observing the things around and experiment the idea and concept right from the beginning. in order to create best out of human interest photography, you need a team for it. In Creative Hut, students work out in groups in human interest photography sessions. with concept building, location planning, and What is the importance of human-interest photography class sessions in Photography courses?

Importance of Human Interest Photography in Photography Course

A photography college may follow different practical session to train their students in Photography. Particularly in Creative Hut Institute of Photography, practical sessions provide hands-on practice and understanding of the stream.

Photo Courtesy: Ramees Rajan | 11th Batch

Photography class sessions on Human-interest

Students usually come up with a question that how to photograph the human-interest images? Regardless of how these images look so attractive; it is all about how to you make it? Henceforth, lets see here that what exactly students do in the human-interest photography class sessions.

  • Students here learn to understand and select their subject for Photography
  • They learn to select the location, set-up the location and prepare a perfect background for the shoot
  • Understand the quality of light as well as learn how to modify it
  • Students learn to create story in the frames of human interest photography
  • Knowing the colours and contrasts, they learn the depth of colours to be applied in the human interest images
  • Students creatively add the necessary elements in the frame that add life to the images
  • They learn the composition and framing of the image effectively and creatively
Photo Courtesy: Ajil Joy | 11th Batch

Tips for Human Interest Photography

Generally, photography has lot to do with the emotions captured in each and every image. At the same time, the message or say the story being conveyed through it is equally important. For the same reason, human interest photography has attracted many photographers around the world.

Photo Courtesy: Ramees Rajan | 11th Batch

To conclude with, lets find out 7 best tips for human interest photography.

  • Keep the subject i.e. the people and their action in more priority and in its simplest form.
  • Select a perfect location and prepare an apt background that matches the concept of the entire shoot.
  • Know your light and utilize the best of it with proper pros, and direction.
  • Add elements to the frame that add meaning to the story in the image. while avoid distracting elements and colours from the frame.
  • Take care of colour combinations and colour contrast of everything that appears in the image.
  • Compose the photograph with the help of various rules in photography, design elements and principles.
  • Best human interest photos acquire all these in very simple and attractive manner. Hence, there must be a story or concept that makes it.


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