One way to make unforgettable photos is with a technique called light painting. It includes moving a hand-held light around the frame. The light appears to be a thread of lighting that swims throughout the artwork when photographed with a long exposure. Although a flashlight is a typical instrument for light painting, steel wool generates an even more striking image.

art in soul
Art in Soul : Art is not to throw light but to be light..

The way a light source, whether artificial or natural, illuminates the scene or subject being taken is referred to as photographic lighting. Photographers can change the position and quality of a light source to generate visual effects.

light trails
Light trails : Lets flood the darkness with light.

Light may be utilised to generate effects like low-key and high-key.The brain analyses the 2D pattern of contrast created by lighting to distinguish 3D objects in photos. When looking at a photograph, the brain seeks to connect the contrast and colour patterns it perceives to previous sensory memories.

hollen spirale
Hollen Spirale : Obscure lumineuse.

It is one of the fun and creative ways you can use long exposure.A star trail is a photograph that employs long exposure periods to depict diurnal circles, or the apparent motion of stars in the night sky caused by the Earth’s rotation.

time passing
Time Passing : Late night power cut paved way

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