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Imaginary Framework


Imaginary framework , an article about testing innovative fashions on the walls

The ideas in fashion are getting more creative. People are trying to do something different with usual ideas. Fashion is the most wonderful trend among all the photographers

The art work in fashion is most interesting and amazing work for all people. The trendy look will always give us a stylish elegant feeling. The fashion can be modern or traditional . It’s all about us what we want to wear. Some people love to wear modern dresses. The most interesting thing about fashion is that we can also create fashion with some art works. Fashion is not all about good looks with fancy dresses. The fashion can also be in art forms with normal dresses.

Fashion with wall art is the most inspired work among the photographers. Just we have to be innovative with our ideas about what we want to show in frame. The commonly used things in our daily life can be attractive in terms of fashion. The mix and match method is one such way to apply fashion. It is the artistic illustration in certain time and scene . The trend of fashion among youth is changing day to day . But, the creativity in it will continue over the time .”Imaginary framework” ,article shows fashionable photographs on the walls..

joy-of-colors-fashion-photography-anshul sani

Joy of colors : Make your life colorful

reader-girl-fashion-photography-anshul sani

Reader Girl : Every girls love to read the book

black-spots-fashion-photography-anshul sani

Black Spots : The spotty wall and dress is looking classic

juicy-selfie-fashion-photography-anshul sani

Juicy Selfie : The most common thing girl can do;just take a selfie

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anshul Sani , Himachal Pradesh, Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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