Creativity is the exploration of fresh or distinct thoughts or ideas from those previously explored. People can convey their thoughts and ideas in a variety of ways. It can be conveyed in a variety of ways, including sketching, writing, singing, and even acting. Everyone’s creativity is unique, but everyone is creative in their own manner. I am motivated to produce for a variety of reasons.

Double Exposure : Experiment with your imagination.

The desire to create something fresh is one thing that motivates me to create. It is fantastic to know that I was the first to come up with something, before anyone else. When I’m with my buddies, I prefer to be creative. I enjoy being amusing around kids and making up fresh jokes for them to enjoy. It makes me happy when they laugh at jokes that I make up.

Birds Cage : The gift of freedom is the ability to fly.

By coming up with something new for my friends and others to laugh at, I get a sense of accomplishment. When I’m bored, I’m sometimes inspired to create When I’m bored and have nothing to do, I try to come up with new ideas for things to do.

Women : On a high level the concept behind these images.

“IMAGINATIVE” is vital because it encourages people to think for themselves and learn on their own. There are certain misconceptions about creativity. The ineffable character of creativity makes it difficult to define. Creativity strongly relies in our imagination. Depending on different circumstances people learn to express their creativity openly while other people close themselves and believe they do not have creativity. Creativity is a natural talent that every single human has. Creativity can be used to solve a complex problem in a different manner or just to find innovative ways to have fun. Creativity is thinking out of the box.

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