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As part of travel photography, our author here has a very creative landscape to show. He has explained the day in the life of the sun through both photographs and paintings.

A Day In The Life Of Sun

The everyday morning we wake up from our sleep and wish good morning to our close ones. Only if there is a sun there is a morning. What if the sun does not rise for a single day. Don’t worry that is never going to happen. From our childhood days, we have been learning that the sun is the ultimate source of power. Without the sun there is no life on this earth.

The sun we see rising in the paddy fields, over the mountain, and set in the horizons of the seas are all the same. Leo Tolstoy in one of his books quoted like this, ‘the sun we see from any part of the world are all the same and the only difference is in the way we look at it’. The sun sets a perfect example for all of us of how we want to be. Spread the light of happiness to the world. Without the sun there is no day and without happiness, there is no life.

Here I have explained the sequence of Sun from morning to evening in my own creative way.

Spreading the morning light & the light reaches the ground. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We all have stood gazing at the sunrise and also the sunset as they are one of the greatest wonders which we are fortunate to watch over and over again. Supremacy is not something that we possess it is something that we give away. Just as the sun spreads the colors of joy, laughter, peace, kindness, sacrifice, and last but not the least love. we also need to highlight such attributes in on.

Cockcrow: Spreading the morning light
Sunup: When light reaches the ground

Making his entry as always & the Stroke polishes the scene

The scenic view of the sun rising through the mist and spreading the light to the mighty dense forest gives an absolute pleasure to the eyes. It almost feels like the sun is giving a mass entry through the forest moving the cloud away. The scenic beauty is without a doubt a paint worthy image. The scene was hard enough to reproduce on canvas but the essence and the naturalist of the scene pushed me to paint.

Beams: Making his entry as always
Warmth: When the stroke polishes the scene
Blessing everything with the power of light & the darkness slowly fades away.

Light has an immense power to spread positive. Even a small area illuminated by light gives a positive hope. The scene when taken was blessed with light. The light which was powerful enough to pass the obstructing trees. The most difficult task to sketch the natural light passing through the trees. The scene was difficult yet attractive enough to paint on a canvas. The idea was to highlight the sun first and then draw over the light to show the obstructing trees.

Positivity: Blessing everything with the power of light
Canvas: When darkness slowly fades away
In search of heights when light persists the shadows.

The rising sun always reminds me of reaching new heights. The way the sun reaches height is worth observing. Sun is such a motivation in teaching us how we should achieve new goals. This was one of the images on which I spent much of my time working. Sunset and Sunrise are considered to be cliches even in photography but creating a difference in both painting and photograph was my goal.

Zenith: In search of heights
Culmination: When light persists the shadow
Up above the head as the most supreme power & as light as a boat floating in the water.

Smooth, crystal-like water with a boat on the side in the middle of the paddy field was almost cartoonist before I took this image. Photography to me is the self-realization that anything you dream can be photographed. Flowing water and the breezy wind is one of my favorite scenes to paint. A simple canvas and a watercolor are all it takes to reproduce a scene which is hardly imprinted in the heart.

Paddy Field: Up above the head as the most supreme power
Green: As light as a boat floating in the water
The last light before the dusk getting ready to end the day.

The evening is the most romantic time of the day and also the best time to capture some dramatic light. A day almost going to end can convey certain meaningful messages. Blue and green are such a powerful combination when it comes to painting. One advantage of painting is that we can reduce the amount of unwanted detail away from the image.

Loch: Getting ready to end the day
Aqua: The last light before the dusk
Taking his step down gradually giving a hope of better tomorrow. It is one of the repeated facts that the sun is such an inspiration and motivation. Taking things down slowly is one of the life lessons every mentor tries to teach. he image was taken just before the dusk. Sun always sets with a promise of new tomorrow. Painting such a scene gives an inner satisfaction of establishing something that will act as a reference for the audience.
Inspire: Taking his step down gradually
Hope: Sun sets giving a hope of better tomorrow
Beyond the blue ocean, between the red sky, Light finds its way to reach the soil.

The warm tone of the sunset is what attracts most of the photographers. The reddish-orange sky with dramatic clouds is a perfect combination every artist thrives to paint.

Dramatic: Setting down to rise with power the next day
Transition: Beyond the blue ocean, between the red sky, light finds its way to reach the soil

If the painting was as easy as photographing then manipulations will have no limits. Anything can be changed according to the artist when it comes to painting. But little to nothing was changed between the transition from photograph to painting.

Ramees Rajan, Kollam, Kerala

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Ramees Rajan. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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