Independence Day Celebration


ndependence Day Celebration in College is a day where students, faculties and staff pay tribute to the Nation and the freedom fighters of India. The day of India’s independence is a day of pride, love and respect towards our Nation.

India’s Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year. It’s a remarkable day where we honor and respect all our Indian freedom fighters who fought for India’s Freedom.

Creative Hut students, faculties and staff gather together in the morning and participate in the National flag hoisting ceremony and culture events. With due respect towards our Nation, everyone participate for the National Anthem.

Our Principal Shri. Abin Alex hoisted our National Flag and delivered the Independence Day Speech. Shri. Alex T.C, Chairman of Alextern Group of Companies recalled the freedom struggle and addressed the importance of democracy and freedom.

After the Independence day message addressed by the chief of honor and Principal, the sweets are distributed.

Independence day get sweeter, with the freedom that our students achieve on this day.
Students are allowed to go out and or use mobile phones.
Sounds interesting, right?

Our Principal gives motivation speech, followed by Flag Hoisting & National Anthem. It raises patriotic dedication in the crowd. Soon after the national anthem, the principal addressed the gathering. In his message, students are made to remember the importance of patriotism and the sacrifices of our nation.

The principal addresses the gathering with the significance of Independence Day. He also focuses on the rights and duties of every Indian citizen and about the consequences of misusing them.

The celebration of Independence Day ends with performances by students about our independence. The day bring the re-experiences of the spirit of patriotism and to respect the glorious past of our country. Students and faculties share this moment of remembrance and happiness during Independence day at Creative Hut Institute of Photography.


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