Interiors by R.N Jaya Sai


Gautam and Anusha are a married couple, they recently built a home in which they want to change the interiors, but Anusha wants the interiors in a cottage style which is like woods and she wants it to be eco-friendly. Gautam wants the interiors in a contemporary style which are like glasses, symmetric designs, etc. they visit an Interior designer Dev they introduce themselves and speak about the interiors they want ( the couple). Both are not in the same line, one says Cottage style and the other tells contemporary style and Dev gets confused and asks them what Interior design they actually want. Gautam asks to show contemporary interiors and Anusha asks to show Cottage Interiors. Dev tells them to decide after he tells about the pros and cons of both Cottage and Contemporary Interiors. Dev starts to speak…..

When it comes to a contemporary homestay, this is about embracing the past traditional style into a modern style. We all know that contemporary houses are built with composite materials like cement, stone, steel, glass, etc…

There is an enormous range of design styles in contemporary houses.

There are demerits as well, the maintenance is high in contemporary houses. Dev starts to tell about the psychology of space in the house which has a significant role in human life. The space, color, or whatever ambiance the house has, impacts human behavior.

The principles of design, balance, and symmetry this is of a sense of harmony, while some spaces provoke anxiety. Then comes the color, warmer color stimulates more communication and comfort around. Also, the light activates productivity and recovery. ( Anubhav is surprised by listening to Dev’s words and says listening to the psychology of space is new to him).

(Dev strikes and tells, there are many kinds of stuff apart from this).

(Dev inhales and exhales and starts to speak about the cottages).

  Dev asks them if they have ever been to a cottage home in the hill stations, Gautam answers yes and Anusha says the interiors in the cottage feel pleasant and that is why she wants the Interiors to be in Cottage style. Dev tells that he recently designed an interior for a cottage. And tells that this is built with earthly materials, which are available in nature like bamboo, mud, wood, etc…In modern times we have tree house cottages which is a worldwide trend. This will have a stunning view, so  ( Shraddha is excited when Dev speaks about the view) and Dev tells an abundance of windows that truly allows it to become one with nature. A Cabin in the woods, It’s just large enough to hold a few guests but quaint enough to feel wonderfully cozy. So when it comes to the cons of treehouses trees eventually die. This means your shelter has a lifespan dictated by the life of the tree. Trees are not as stable as the ground is. Wind storms will move your tree and structure around. When you build a home, it is important to keep big trees away from the home as falling limbs will endanger your structure.  Also, the ambiance in the cottage makes you feel good as every interior is built differently.

The interior in the cottages helps you to be more mindful all around. You’ll probably be healthier. Being in this makes people cultivate abundance and have a simple life. Sometimes it makes people redefine what it is like to live a meaningful life. Dev tells them to choose both cottage and contemporary style as he can make a fusion of both and tells them that it looks great. The couple looks at each other as satisfied and tells them they are completely okay with this idea.                         

                                     The End.


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