Introduction to Adobe InDesign


Adobe InDesign is desktop publishing and page layout software that was first released in 1999.Posters, flyers, brochures, periodicals, newspapers, presentations, books, and eBooks may be created.

Creating a Document – Number and Gutter, bleed & slug, RGB & CMYK colors

Creating and uses of a Document.

Documents save our ideas, designs, text, and photographs in one file for printing or digital use. It may be any format (indd, psd, lrcat, prproj) and size (kb, mb, gb, tb…)

InDesign Home Screen & Create a Document.

  1. New File (To create new or customized document) 
  2. Open file (Already we created)
  3. Home (To go Home Screen)
  4. Learn (Adobe Tutorial) * If you have paid version
  5. Workspace (To go workspace)
  6. Document Preset (To select default from software)
  7. Search (To find recent document which we worked earlier)
  8. What’s New (To get to know about “New updates of using software”)* If you have paid version

New File (To create new or customized document)

  1. Naming (For new document For Ex: “portfolio-panterdots”
  2. Saving Preset (Customized documents can save as preset)
  3. Measurements Size (For Ex: Width: 20.32 cm & Height: 30.48 cm)
  4. Measurements unit (For Ex: Centimeters)
  1. Orientation (To make our document in Landscape or Portrait Options)
  2. Pages (No. of Pages) per documents
  3. Start# (To give Page Number)
  4. Facing Pages (To view single or two page together)
  5. Primary text frames (To make text flow in all pages in a documents)
  6. Columns (Each page to how many columns need) Column Gutter (Space between each columns)
  7. Margins (In order to create a secure space for images or text)(For Ex: 2cm From each side)
  8. Bleed (Using the correct setup, print to the paper’s edge)(For Ex: 1cm From each side)
  9. Slug (The area that isn’t going to be printed and to provide any relevant printing details)
  1. Preview (To view the current document)
  2. Create & Close

Color Mode (For display & printing)

  • RGB: (Red, Green, Blue) For Web (monitor/mobile) & Printing
  • CMYK: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key, or Black) For Printing

Document preset Interface

1. Print (International Standard document Sizes)

2. Web (Website or online purpose)

3. Mobile (Standard Android & Apple Mob format)

4. Saved (Our customized documents presets)


You could navigate by looking at a small picture of your document, which you could click on to Zoom in or Zoom out on certain parts.

  1. Zoom In: Ctrl+= (PC) / Command+= (Mac)
  2. Zoom Out: Ctrl+- (PC) / Command+- (Mac)
  3. Fit Page in Window: Ctrl+0 (PC) / Command+0 (Mac)
  4. Fit Spread in Window: Alt+Ctrl+0 (PC) / Option+Command+0 (Mac)
  5. Actual Size: Ctrl+1 (PC) / Command+1 (Mac)


Preferences include panel placement, measurement options, and graphic and typeface display options. Initially, settings govern how InDesign documents and objects function.


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