Refraction. Light, optics, wave transmission, energy, and oblique angles come to mind when you hear the phrase. It’s a term used in physics to describe how a wave changes direction when it comes into touch with a new medium through which it’s being transmitted.

The Rainbow : A color garden in the glass

The daily example of light refraction is glass. An object seems smaller and somewhat raised when viewed through a glass jar. Glass, water, and air are examples of refracting materials. Stars shine at night due to refraction of light.

The Ocean : Shades of Blue

Refraction photography is a type of photography that captures the refraction effect, which occurs when light is bent in glass, water, or another medium to distort a subject.

Red : Wine flyers when you are having fun

Photographs of refraction can be innovative, mind-bending, and just cool. Photographs of refraction can be innovative, mind-bending, and just plain cool.

Detetour: You are a waveform of light

Essentially, you place a subject behind a drop of water and then use your macro lens to catch the refracted subject within the drop. Through refraction, the infinite colors of light can be seen.

Column of Liquid : Every drop has a story

They’re all from the same place. There are so many different hues that blend together to provide the impression of a solid object. The bending of a light or sound wave, or the way light bends upon entering the eye to generate an image on the retina, is known as refraction.

Water dot : Plinked balls

The bending of the sun’s rays when they enter raindrops, generating a rainbow, is an example .“Iridescent” means that the reliction of color variation. Color variation in different lighting or from different angles is referred to as iridescence.

Heaven : Force things to happen

I’ve included some photographs of water droplets, refraction, and lens balls in this chapter. I felt a happiness that I couldn’t convey in words when taking these photos. The beauty of irredenta corals in the great barrier reef is undesirables.

Twinkle sun :Shine with our life

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Athira P.B, Kottayam , Kerala , Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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