Jowel Thomas Joseph

Changnacherry, Kottayam

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

Photography enriches our lives by capturing important events, people, and places, as well as helping us in learning and growing as individuals. Photography allows for a wide range of creative expression, technical skill, and the sheer variety of ways to capture an image.

Jowel Thomas Joseph, from Changnacherry, Kottayam, is a passionate and motivated visual arts professional. He finds enormous joy in exploring new ideas and concepts within these artistic fields, as he has a profound love for photography, filmmaking, and editing. His passion for these mediums has remained unbroken throughout his professional career.

Having completed a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography and Cinematography at Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala during the academic year 2021-22, he has sharpened his talents in mastering the technical details and techniques that lead to mesmerising Photography. His proficiency is further exemplified by his Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) certification in photography and an NSQF level 4 Certification as an Assistant Cameraman from Media & Entertainment Skills Council under Skill India.

Through his enormous body of work, his creative soul and enthusiasm come to life. His portfolio includes "Auric Vision," a creative photography portfolio, "Mixed Vivids," a commercial photography portfolio, and "Jographo," a brand book focused on digital marketing. His cinematography portfolio, "Motorist" shows his diverse talent and unrelenting dedication to the art of visual storytelling. Photography, Cinematography and Editing are the only things that he loves to do in his entire professional life. It makes him feel satisfied and allows him to come up with new ideas and concepts.


Different colors : color speaks all language
Color pattern : Color pattern in a glass
Bubble planet : created from bubble
Bulb : Trust your crazy ideas


Mixed Vivids by Jowel Thomas Joseph

There are certain truths that occurs to us, which we cannot convey in words, but requires a personal experience to grasp more vividly When light...


Auric Vision by Jowel Thomas Joseph

Vision in photography is the thing that makes you a good photographer Vision is a word I’m also obsessed with; both in life and...


Jographo by Jowel Thomas Joseph

The name “JOGRAPHO” came from my name “Jowel” and “Grapho” came from graphics. The idea of creating the logo design came from a colour...


Motorist by Jowel Thomas Joseph

For many bikers riding a motorcycle is not a hobby or need, it’s Passion. All they want in life is to travel to every...


Creative Haze

Being creative means solving a problem in a new way. It means changing your perspective. Creativity enables us to observe and solve challenges in...

Glowing Enchantment

Light painting is an interesting and useful method for me. It’s truly a creative and enjoyable process that’s very interesting in photography. It showcases...

Different World

Abstract photography, also known as non-objective, experimental, or creative photography, is a method of expressing a visual image that has been made using photographic...


Photographers are now more interested in refraction photography, which is an interesting topic. Many photographers utilize objects to refract light and transform a simple...
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