Keaton Lemos

Vadodara, Gujarat

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

People don’t understand the power of images and videos. Photographers and cinematographers can bring down governments if they wish to. It’s Remarkable.

Keaton Lemos, from Vadodara, Gujarat, is a dedicated professional in the fields of journalism, wildlife photography, and filmmaking. His academic and professional efforts reflect his passion for conservation of wildlife. During his college studies, He worked with his local zoo, where he was responsible for animal observation and documentation. His images not only aided the local municipality, but they also appeared in the official zoo brochure, showing his significant contribution to their promotional efforts. He intends to continue his path in this great result, with a vision of contributing to wildlife protection and recording.

After graduating from Navrachana University with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Having completed a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography and Cinematography at Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala during the academic year 2022-23, he has sharpened his talents in mastering the technical details and techniques that lead to mesmerising Photography. His proficiency is further exemplified by his Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) certification in photography and an NSQF level 7 Certification as a Director of Photography from Media & Entertainment Skills Council under Skill India. He also earned an Adobe certification in InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.

He has diligently constructed two unique portfolios: "BaraMama," which highlights his skills in animal photography, and "Interiores Impetus," which shows his commercial skills. His efforts resulted in the making of the wildlife documentary "Nyasi," a memorial to his passion for wildlife protection and documentation. In addition to these he has done a digital marketing based brand book.


Courting : There zebras were courting each other ,getting ready to usher in the next generation.
Mud Caked : Covering themselves in mud helps stay cool as well as keeping insects away.
Markings : The Masaigiraffe is distingushed by jagged and irregular spots on body .
Lion's Nightmare : One of the most dangerous animals in Africa , the cape buffallo is known by many names . The ones that stand out are "widowmaker" &"blackdeath.


Bara Mama By Keaton Lemos

My main goal for this wildlife photography portfolio wasn’t to find some hidden meaning or story in every picture. My goal was to document...


Lemos Photography by Keaton Lemos

Lemos Photography began in 2023, but the idea has been brewing in my head for well over a decade now. Lemos Phtography isn’t a company,...


Nyasi-The Grassland by Keaton Lemos

Welcome to ‘Nyasi,’ an exquisite tribute to the verdant grasslands of Swahili. Within this captivating documentary, we embark on a mesmerizing journey through the...



Lions are majestic and powerful big cats that belong to the Felidae family. They are primarily found in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a small population...


They say that somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their wrinkled gray bodies, and...


The cheetah is nature's masterpiece of speed and grace "The cheetah is a magnificent and agile big cat known for its incredible speed and...


The leopard lives forever, not only in spots .The leopard is a majestic and elusive big cat known for its remarkable adaptability and stealthy...


The jackal may be small, but its hunger knows no bounds "The black-backed jackal, also called the silver-backed jackal, is a medium-sized canine...


Giraffes move in slow motion as if time itself bends to their elegant stride. The Masai giraffe is a distinct subspecies of giraffe found in...


With its massive horns and indomitable spirit, the African buffalo stands as a guardian of the wilderness "The Cape buffalo, also known as the...


" The zebra, with its unique pattern, is a testament to the artistry of nature "Zebras are unique and recognizable equids known for their...


"To witness an elephant in its natural habitat is to witness true magnificence. They possess unparalleled grace and power. The evolutionary history of elephants...


Beware the laughter of the hyena, for it conceals a predator's cunning "The African hyena, also known as the spotted hyena or Crocuta crocuta,...

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