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Capturing the spirit of Kolkata’s Mullick Ghat Market through portraits, “Kickstart” freezes stories and emotions of life in markets.

In the crisp winter mornings of Kolkata, Mullick Ghat market, one of the famous markets of Kolkata comes alive with vivid portraits that breathe life into the daily hustle. Captured through the lens of Kolkata portrait photography, “Kickstart” unveils the firm spirit of Mullick Ghat’s vendors as they begin their day in. Each of Mullick ghat market portraits tells stories of determination and  unique charm. See how vendors start their day in the streets of this iconic market.

a shopkeeper having his morning tea

Morning Elixir  Braving the chill with tea’s warmth.

A man holding a steaming cup of tea, wrapped in a scarf. He seems determined as he gets ready to face the day and go on new adventures.This portrait captures the spirit of winters in Kolkata. It also shows the variety of personalities that make Kolkata charming.

a vendor smiling in the early morning

Busy smiles  Smiling vendor amidst busy market.

In the gentle morning sunlight, a vendor stands ready, wearing a jacket and sporting a warm smile. With anticipation in his eyes, he prepares to kickstart trading in the bustling market. He is eager to share his goods with the world.

a vendor carrying empty basket

Serious Stroll  Empty basket, heavy thoughts.

A serious trader walks through the Mullick Ghat flower market early in the morning, carrying an empty basket. It portrays the spirit of mornings in Kolkata, showing the devoted lives of street merchants as they start their workday. The vendor’s resolute attitude captures the commitment of people of Kolkata. 

a stressed vendor carrying basket

Overwhelmed  Market blues on the vendor.

Another vendor with worry and tension pushing a hefty basket through the early morning bustle of the market. This is a moving example of portraits from Kolkata mornings portraying the complex feelings vendors carry. It shows the human tales woven throughout the colourful Kolkata markets, with a glimpse into the exhausting life of vendors in Kolkata. 

In the Candid portraits at Mullick Ghat market, the many expressions capture the spirit of Kolkata. Each photo reflects the resilient character of its people, painting a picture of life in the city. Through the soulful portraits from Kolkata’s Mullick GhatIn winter, “Kickstart” immortalises the faces of Mullick Ghat. It reflects the lively energy and strong spirit that define  the soul of Kolkata.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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