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Kings of the Sky


Journey throughout the wings

Birds have been given the title “Kings of the Sky” due to their superior ability to fly . As kids , we all had a thought of flying like birds. It’s so amazing to watch birds how they are flying so high in the sky. Nature has given some greater talent to birds for their excessive flying skills. We can’t even imagine how far birds can fly. For them there are no limitations .

Extreme predators

Birds are the only animals on this earth that are having feathers for flying , but not all the birds can fly. We can find the birds in every part of the world. Like other animals, birds can also easily adapt with every type of natural habitat. Birds play a very crucial role in the ecosystem. They have very close relation with the nature. Birds can detect the weather condition by nature. Birds are social in communication.

They use their voices and some kind of physical appearances . Birds are some of the extreme predators with every bird having a different type of killing skills. Some birds dive deep to water to catch their prey. While some others are aerial killers. There are few other birds that catch their prey on ground by chasing them. Like other animals, birds also have their territory to secure their zone from other birds

osprey-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Osprey : The common names for this bird are Fish Hawk and Sea Hawk.

red-kite-wildlife-photography-anshul sanu

Red Kite : Largest species of Kite family

snake-bird-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Snake Bird : These birds do not have oil glands for waterproofing

brahminy-kite-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Brahminy Kite : They are known as White-Red Eagle

woolly-necked-stork-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Wooly-necked stork : This bird is known for its long distance flight

great-egret-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Great Egret : They produce a harsh alarm call when disturbed

indian-pond-heron-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Indian Pond Heron : These species are semi-colonial breeders

indian-peacock-wildlife-photography-anshul sani

Indian Peacock : It represents benevolence

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anshul Sani , Himachal Pradesh , Creative Hut Institute of Photography.Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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