Kumbh Mela


Many times , we pass by people knowingly or unknowingly which could be great subjects for our photographs.I have included a few portraits of people I saw at the Kumbh Mela in this article that anyone could easily miss.

The largest religious gathering in the world is reportedly the 2019 Kumbh Mela. I had heard a lot about the kumbh Mela but it was for the first time I got a chance to witness it. There is a sense of purity in atmosphere all around .You can see a largest number of pilgrims taking dip in the holy river.You can also see Naga sadhus with long matted hair,wearing no clothes, bodies covered with ash and smoking their chillums.You can also find many other sadhus performing rituals.All these things make the environment so divine that anyone would fall in love with it.It is possible to experience this completely new universe of Kumbh, but it is quite challenging to put into words.

Unnoticed faces of Kumbh

Whenever we think of Kumbh Mela the first thing that strikes our mind is ‘Naga Sadhus’. No doubt .It’s one of the main motives for why so many photographers travel to Kumbh.To be frank,the same was the reason for my visit too.But in addition to this, a considerable number of hermits and other pilgrims who go unrecognised by most people also attend the Kumbh Mela. People in general and photographers usually disregard them. But I don’t know why they attracted me more than the Naga sadhus.I’m highlighting those Kumbh faces in this article that anyone could easily miss. But I tried to find beauty in those faces , because Kumbh Mela is not only about the ‘Nagas’

Portraits of Kumbh Mela

hidden sorrows trying to hide his emotions-abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Hidden sorrows: Trying to hide his emotions

annoyed a fierce look of the old man abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Annoyed:A fierce look of the old man

holy soul unconcerned about-the-material-world-abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Holy soul: Unconcerned about the material world

disguised sufferings trying to hide his pain from the world-abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Disguised sufferings: Trying to hide his pain from the world

quries of mind questions revolving-around-the old mans mind abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Queries of mind: Questions revolving around the old man’s mind

rage itense look of the man abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Rage: Intense look of the man

happiness the old man is of-happiness getting clicked abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Happiness: The old man is happy for getting clicked

emotions sentiments of pilgrim in kumbh mela abhishek dhupar punjab crativehut

Emotions: Sentiments of a pilgrim in Kumbh Mela

thoughtful in his own world of thoughts abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Thoughtful: In his own world of thoughts

jumbled thought why am i getting clicked abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Jumbled thoughts: Why am I getting clicked?

strained expressions a miserable devotee in kumbh mela abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Strained expressions: A miserable devotee in Kumbh Mela

gloomy face an unhappy pilgrim in mela abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

A gloomy face: An unhappy pilgrim in Mela

suspicious why are you foccusing-your-camera towards me abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Suspicious: Why are you focusing your camera towards me?

tough and bold resistant to everything abhishek dhupar punjab creativehut

Tough and bold: Resistant to everything

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