Macro Photography| Insects

Macro Photography is all about taking the photograph of minute details on the land of tiny lives. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that one can take photographs of small creatures itself. Furthermore, it’s the close proximity of the camera and subject enlarging the scenario which cant be spotted with the naked eyes.

Kerala gives us an amazing experience of tiny insects. Additionally, the insect world is totally a different face of nature. Moreover, it is unharmed beauty that everyone cannot see in the naked eye. Apparently, here are some insects I photographed in Kerala i,e. land of tiny lives.

Louse: Full of marvels
Mite: A quirky faders
Gnat: Helping hand for the being
Flunkey: Craving his vibes for living
Bustle: Tiny mumble with broken wing
Retiary: Killing for living
Spinneret: Leap of faith
Kurume: Kindness is a choice
Tarantula: Smell of death yet wear like perfume

Henceforth, the most important skill needed for capturing macro photography is patience. Indeed, one has to be more creative and acquire good knowledge about the subject one has planned to shoot.

Photographs by: Bikash Ranjan, Odisha

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