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Landscape photography depicts the world’s expanses, which might be huge and endless, or small and intimate. Landscape photography usually focuses on the presence of nature, but it can also include man-made objects or landscape disruptions. Photographing landscapes is done for a variety of reasons. The most popular is to recollect a personal observation or experience had while out in nature, particularly when travelling. Others do it as an outdoor lifestyle, wanting to be in touch with nature and the elements, and as a way to get away from the artificial world.

Varkala : An limitless sea, like a guy with unquenchable desires
Kumbalangi : The busy moment of a man was brought into my frame

Many landscape images feature highly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light, and are taken in the aim of a pristine, unsullied depiction of nature, devoid of human influence. Many landscape photographs feature well defined landforms, weather, and ambient light, and are made with the goal of capturing nature in its purest form, free of human intervention.

Beach : Starting of a Healthy Day
Thattekad : River that reflects

Landscape photography typically entails photographing natural aspects of land, sky, and water at a distance during the day, while some landscapes may include subjects in a gorgeous setting nearby, even up close, and at night.

Tamil nadu : The world appears to be incredibly little when viewed through this lens.
Sankhumukham : It is possible to see good art in good thinking.

Artificial scenery, such as farm fields, orchards, gardens, and architecture, can also be classified as “landscape” photography. Even the presence of man-made structures is a source of concern (buildings, roads and bridges, etc.)

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