Last Of Endurance


Last phase of life

Portrait photography is one of the still life photography genres where the photos represent one’s lifestyle.

Revealing the True Nature of Life: The Influence of Portraiture

Scooping Up the Soul: The Importance of Portraiture

The captivating art form of portrait photography has the remarkable capacity to portray both the richness of a person’s life and the depth of their troubles. It becomes more than just taking pictures; it becomes an engaging story that the photographer tells to their audience. In the field of still life photography, portraiture becomes a crucial subgenre, full of deep emotions and meanings.


Keep Smiling : Key to lead a happy life.

The Mastery in Each Frame: Portraits of the Elderly

Portrait photography has a very large canvas that includes all living things. Still, the real meaning of life is revealed in the way old people are portrayed. The elderly, with their plethora of life experiences engraved on their faces, provide a canvas full of genuine emotion and authenticity that transports viewers to the very center of existence.


Old mother : After tasting the richness of motherhood.


Old & Stylish : Age fades but style doesn’t.

Raw Realism: The Final Stages of Life

Those who are nearing the end of their trip serve as living examples of the unvarnished truth. Their expressions become windows into a lifetime of stories when they lose all pretense. A photographer sets out on a mission to capture life as it truly is when they take on the honorable responsibility of taking these people’s photos.

A Peep at Life’s Verdicts

The photographer uses all of the available space in each frame to convey the deep truths of their subjects’ lives as well as their outward appearances. The lines that convey stories of happiness and grief and the wrinkles carved by time become the artist’s brushstrokes, creating a work of art that tells volumes without using words.

Recap: Going Beyond the Picture

Every click of the camera in the world of portrait photography is an exploration into the subject’s soul. It lifts the veil of appearances and delves behind the surface to reveal the rich tapestry of existence. By using a lens, the photographer not only documents a face but also the essence of a narrative, a celebration of the beauty inherent in each wrinkle and expression, and a witness to the lived experience. It’s true that the art of telling a tale with light and shadows lies in portrait photography.


Hope For Happiness : An isolated old man blessing.


The Sad Reality : Depressed old citizen in his last stage.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Ebin P J , Ernakulam , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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