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LegacyLock showcases energy & soft drinks, symbolising preservation and  protection, highlighting timeless appeal & flavour integrity.

Legacylock feature drinks under glass domes, examine tradition and preservation. Each image demonstrates the combination of modernism and tradition, conserving flavours while conveying a lasting appeal. Witness the fusion of past and present in brilliant colours, conveying a sense of treasured tradition and enduring flavours.

sprite can inside a glass cylinder

Sprite Stop Preserved refreshment. 

A green can is placed under a glass cover on a circular wooden base against a lemon-lime green backdrop. The fashionable green table matches the setting, with the can’s colour representing the refreshing lemon-lime flavour and the background evoking cleanliness and sharpness.The glass lid, acting as a Legacy Lock, serves to preserve the flavour for extended enjoyment, shielding the can from external particles while maintaining its timeless essence.

cocacola can inside a cylinder

Vanilla Vault  Sealed for freshness.

The idea uses energy drinks with vanilla caramel flavour  inside a glass dome as an example of defence against dust and bacteria. A wooden platform supports the arrangement, speaking to tradition and heritage. The solid wooden table showing strength and everlasting design, while the glass dome represents cleanliness and preservation. This energy drink photography conveys a feeling of ageless time and protected energy.

monster can inside a cylinder

Powered Up  Future energy.

Encased in a glass dome for freshness, the idea offers an energy drink with wonderful citrus flavours. It stands on a violet table foundation, mixing tradition with newness . The glass dome shows protection, while the table highlights stability and timeless charm. The violet background adds power to the image, telling lasting energy and tradition.                           

red cocacola can inside a glass cylinder

Classic Energy  Iconic flavour.

A glass dome protects the original soft drink, symbolizing beverage preservation and protection. The wooden stand stresses tradition while also shows its rich history and continued appeal. Together, the glass dome  protect the soft drink’s kola nut flavour , shows its ageless appeal while holding tradition and heritage.

In a world where tradition and where past meets present , long lasting saving reigns supreme. Glass domes and wooden stands protect the essence of flavor from time’s wear. Each arrangement reflects history, strength , and the timeless appeal of saving energy.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Vishnu S Girish and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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