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Lens Ball Planets


Landscapes are full of vivid colors and are always an interesting subject to a photographer. Capturing the vivid scenery in a Lens Ball creates some Surreal Planets.

Lensball is a splendid photography tool, which is loved by almost all photographers. It is a crystal ball made up of glass. Moreover, it is very fascinating to watch normal scenes turn into a totally different world. Henceforth, any normal view can be turned into a very interesting, and exciting picture. What I saw was they were looking like tiny planets. I was very much interested to get my hands on it. When I got it I was very excited to try them. I wanted to try something interesting with it, but I didn’t know what to do. There was a photo walk in the coming days to Odisha and getting the feeling I can roam around with my camera made me wait for it. Furthermore, landscape photography is every photographer’s favorite subject.

photography lens ball ajaykumar
Enjoying Sunset: A man enjoying the view of the sunset.

I decided to try the lens ball for taking Landscape photographs. One of the main features of lens ball is that it gives an almost 180-degree field of view. So it is ideal for landscape photography. And it shows how ordinary scenery can become extraordinary. I also took my lens ball along with the photo walk to Odisha, expecting some good frames.

lensball sunset photography ajaykumar
Chilka Sunset: Sunset scene from Odisha.

During the first trip to Odisha, I clicked some pictures as expected. Odisha is a place with many types of scenery. I got some photos near Chilka Lake. Moreover, near Chilka Lake I saw some isolated tree next to a small water body. I captured it through my Nikon using the lens ball. After that, we continued the journey to the lake on our bus. After reaching there we sailed on a small boat to see the famous freshwater dolphins of Chilka Lake.

beautiful lensball photography ajaykumar
The Lone One: Scene from Dhauli Temple, Odisha.

Sadly we could only see some dolphins for a smaller duration. It is a world-famous lake which has good scenery. It is also a hotspot to find many rare species of birds. After spending time for many frames, we got back to the boat jetty. Apart from that, it was the time for sunset. The shining sun was fully reddish yellow; the sunlight striked on the waters which showcased the golden colors.

unique landscape photography ajaykumar
View of Chilka Lake: Chilka lake among lush greeneries.

The water completely turned into flowing gold. Immediately I took out my lens ball, aligned it to the sunset, and took the photo. By the same token, the scene was striking and it made me capture that view through the lens ball. And after that, I took some random shots of the sunset. All in all, I was quite sadened to leave that place.

best landscape photographer ajaykumar
Kerala Backwaters: Kerala is the land of Backwaters.
lensball travel photography by ajaykumar
Cultivated Field: Waterlogged Paddy fields.

From Kumarakom also I captured some wonderful frames of the landscapes. There were more paddy fields and water bodies. Then, I saw many good frames and got some pictures from there as well. Most of the pictures were of the beautiful water bodies of Kumarakom which includes the backwaters paddy fields etc. Thereupon, Kumarakom was more of a natural place and I loved the experience

top lensball photography ajaykumar
Green World: Reflection of Kumarakom Waterways.
photojournalism photography by ajaykumar
Paddy Fields: They are always an attribute of Kumarakom.

Photographs & Text by Ajaykumar S.A.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Ajaykumar S.A. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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