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Levitation photography – Power of Consciousness


As the part of Fashion photography, Power of consciousness is a photo article made on the concept called Levitation.

“When a circumstance arrives, the mind will be the ultimate weapon that can push a living being to any extent”

In a normal state,

The mind is like a floating rock and when a situation arrives that requires a human to push harder mind can work wonders. Fantasy has always maintained its momentum in the Hollywood film Industry and Indian Film Industry. It tries to keep up with the current trend. Levitation is one of the popular tricks in the motion picture is surprisingly a hot topic instills also.

Eye grabbing concept – Levitation

Scientists have levitated frogs, grasshoppers, and mice by means of powerful electromagnets utilizing superconductors. Levitation is such an eye-grabbing concept that can instantly boost an image. Furthermore, it is indeed hard to convey a concept creatively. The mind-controlling body defying the laws of physics is what levitation is. Although we call these concepts as science fiction, this is far out of reach from science that it can only be described as fiction.

This chapter represents a series of images that visually explains what levitation is and conveys through the expression of the subject of how the power of consciousness can achieve heights.

Mind Power: It’s all about mind power when comes to accomplish the impossible
Dynamic Power: In order to reach height one needs to sacrifice what weighs them down
Breaking The Rope: The rope is nothing more than barriers and constrains in society
Smile That Originates From Freedom: Freedom in everyone’s life is a road that leads to a fantasy life
Fly Along The Wind: Just go with the flow

The entire motive was to show how much a concept like levitation can reflect the strength and will power of a human mind. Specifically how women’s mind becomes the sources of pure energy. Furthermore, how they can motivate and influence just by manipulating and altering their mind to achieve goals.

You can watch the behind the scenes here:

Rahul Rao, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Rahul Rao. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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