Life in the wild


The fantasy world with secret lifes

This social world is created commonly for all living things . When talking about social life ,animals are naturally occupying the significant role in this eco system .

Life in the wild is simply indicating the Habitat and life style of wild creatures . Wild creatures are not only animals , but also birds ,insects ,reptiles and even some flora . Life of the wild animals is not peaceful . A tiger should hunt a Deer to live , and a Deer should escape from the tiger to survive . Both herbivores and predators should perform their routine works to live in this world .

Wild Creatures

They are maintaining the balanced ecosystem . Humans started to occupy the forests for Natural resources and for land . We started to destroy the places that belong to wild animals . According to science , humans are evolved from a wild animal . But we forget our past , and we started to destroy our self .

pair-of-sambar-deer-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Pair of Sambar Deers : Sambar deer shed their antlers each year

be-friendly-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Be Friendly : Cheetals are more social as compared to other species of deers

the-team-worker-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

The team worker : Dholes have very sensitive ears and they are very good in communication

not-a-sprinter-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Not a sprinter : Dholes are not very fast , but they can run for an hour continuously

be-alert-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Be alert : Sambar deers are good in the senses of hearing and smell

starting-look-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Starting look : Sambar deers can produce barking in case of danger

golden-white-dots-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Golden white dots : Cheetals spot will never vanish through out the life

a-balanced-climb-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

A balanced climb : Their long tail helps them to balance when moving around

parallel-look-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Parallel look : A young cheetal will stay with her mother , even after her own first fawn

calf-with-parents-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Calf with parents : A body Elephant will weight some 200 pounds and stands three feet tall

friendly-flight-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Friendly fight : Dholes can jump more than 7 feet in the air


Third largest Carnivore : Tigers will not eat plants or leaves in any situation

unique-big-cat-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Unique Big Cat : Tigers are the only big cat species having full body stripes

pride-of-india-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Pride of India : The tiger is a powerful icon of India’s cultural and natural heritage

Indian Bison : Gaur is one of the largest land living animals in the world


The Tusker : Elephants need to eat an average of 150 kg per day to live

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Bharathi Murugan , Tamil Nadu . Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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