The chapter headed “Light” in the field of product photography highlights the fundamental influence that lights has on how we think of items. This portion of my portfolio dives into the art of using light to highlight the characteristics, textures, and spirit of different goods.

EDIFICE: The protection of black face.

”Light” is an investigation of how lights gives animate things life, giving them dimension and character. Each shot becomes a witness to the ethereal dance between light and the items it touches via great attention to detail, composition, and lighting.Light’s essence necessitates accuracy. Light and shadow interact together to highlight textures, curves, and minute details. Every image captures the spirit of the product, showing its complicated details and allowing the viewer to go further into its subtleties.

SHELL: The smash of particle to make model.

In this chapter, products are transformed from ordinary commodities into tales ready to be told. Each shot tells a visual story of form and function, from the soft play of light on a delicate piece of jewellery to the startling light that reveals the contours of a sleek device. The need of preparation becomes critical in the “Light” chapter. Each image tells a tale about workmanship, design, and illumination.

THE WILD: Trend’s thread, style’s essence.

I attempt to depict the interplay of light that makes the object appealing by understanding its purpose and beauty. Each image captures the spirit of the object, whether it’s the elegance of an expensive watch or the usefulness of a practical tool. Finally, the “Light” part honours the appealing impact of commercial photography. It invites you to explore the moments when light caresses products, revealing their beauty in new ways. This collection expresses its core of items via the brilliant touch of light

Prepare to be surprised when light alters the objects, revealing hidden features and filling them with an attraction that beats their materiality. These items become more than simply products when viewed through a lens of light; they become stories.

WINDING PIMPLE: Style’s rhythm, expression woven in threads.


All the designs and text in this post are copyright of Harshith T Kori, Davanagere, Karnataka Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part is forbidden without the approval of the rightful of owners.

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